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5 Reasons Why Does Your Cat Sleep Above Your Head

5 Reasons Why Does Your Cat Sleep Above Your Head

Our dearest furry friends really love to sleep. Some of them might even spend around 15 hours of their days sleeping!

So, you’re likely to see your cat lounging and napping numerous times a day. There’s also a good chance sometimes you’ll see her sleeping in rather weird places and positions. One of these might be your cat choosing to sleep above your head.

What’s happening? Why does my cat sleep above my head?

Your pet hasn’t chosen this place by accident. There are five common explanations why your cat would sleep like this.

Let’s check them out and see whether you should prevent your cat from sleeping this close to you.

1. Your Cat Wants To Feel Safe

A Grey tabby cat laying sleeping on a bed closeup

You’re the person who takes care of your cat. Although felines might seem independent and aloof, they are actually well aware of how much their owners love them and enjoy getting attention from them.

If your cat has opted to sleep above your head, as close to you as possible, it likely signals that sleeping next to you provides her with a sense of safety and protection.

This means that having your near is so nice to your cat that she doesn’t want to give up this feeling even while sleeping.

Your presence makes your furry friend feel safe, and having you so close makes her sleep better and allows her to completely relax.

2. She Sees You As Her Family Member

Newborn kittens sleep tight to their littermates and mothers, and this is something they’re likely to remember even when they grow up.

Your cat might sleep above your head because she sees you as her family member, and this is a natural behavior she inherited from her mother.

It isn’t very likely that your cat sees you as the mother that gave birth to her, but she still might treat you as a member of her family or her social group.

As a result, she might treat you much like she would other cats close to her, preferring to sleep in close proximity because she feels the same bond with you as she would with her real family members.

Furthermore, this also implies your cat has a great affection towards you, and is showing this in her unique way.

3. She Is Looking For Warmth

cat sleeping above woman's head

Another potential reason for your cat sleeping above your head is because she’s looking for warmth.

She might be seeing your warm head popping out from the covers as a perfect warm place to cuddle up and sleep in.

As Cattitude Daily explains, our domestic cats originated from wild desert cats, therefore, it’s their natural instinct to seek warmth for survival. Warmth provides cats with a sense of security.

Since your head gives off body heat, this makes your cat wanting to lay above it to soak up that warmth.

Looking up for warmth is also a reason why you might see your cat laying near the open window, catching the sun rays, or even cuddling up near the radiator on cold winter days.

4. Your Cat Likes Your Smell

Felines have a great sense of smell. If your cat enjoys sniffing your face, this is probably her attempt to absorb the smell of a tasty meal you just had! 

What does this great sense of smell have to do with your cat sleeping above your head? Well, since you’re your cat’s caregiver, she knows your smell very well, and, with time, she starts to see it as a smell of comfort and safety for her.

Therefore, there’s no better aroma for your cat to drift off to sleep with than the comforting fragrance of your body and hair!

You might also notice your cat sleeping on your pillow even when you’re not there – this could mean that she’s enjoying your smell that has stayed on your bed sheets and pillows.

5. She Could Be Stressed

A sleepy Tabby Kitten on a pillow

Besides the previously mentioned explanations for your cat sleeping above your head, that can be seen as rather charming ones, there’s also a chance that your cat might be stressed.

According to the Blue Cross, many triggers from their surroundings can affect cats’ stress levels, such as any kind of change, a threat to their territory, another pet in their household, a change to the smell of their home, and so on.

Your stressed cat might be trying to find relief and comfort by sleeping close to you.

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Should You Stop Your Cat From Sleeping Above Your Head?

If your cat is sleeping above your head because she’s under stress, you should discover the exact cause of this emotion in her. If possible, you should eliminate it from your cat’s surroundings.

But, even if your cat sleeping this close to you isn’t caused by stress, you shouldn’t make this a habit. In the long term, this won’t be comfortable for you. Having your cat sleeping above your head might prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Also, cleaning your bed every day from your pet’s hairs might be rather annoying.

Therefore, you should definitely take some steps to keep your cat off your bed. First of all, you should provide her with her own, cozy and warm cat bed where she will be so comfortable that she won’t feel the urge to ever look for another place to sleep!

Consider adding pillows, a blanket, and some toys to make her bed even cozier.

When you’re about to go to bed, close the bedroom doors for your cat not to even have a chance to sneak in.

This might be hard in the beginning, but, with time and patience, your cat will get used to it, and both you and her will have a better chance to rest.


ginger cat sleeping

Why does my cat sleep above my head?

There isn’t a single answer to this, since several reasons might be included, from your cat wanting to sleep next to you because this is the way she feels the safest, to her being under stress.

Whatever the explanation behind this behavior is, in the long term, this isn’t something you’ll be thrilled about.

For you to have a good sleep, your cat should have her own place to rest, without hovering above your head.

You two should have quality time together during the day, but the night should be reserved for both of you to get some rest – separated, each in your own comfortable space.

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