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Why Are Cats Attracted To Me?

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I’m happy to say that I’ve always been popular with cats. I’ve always thought this mutual appreciation had to do with the fact that I’m a cat person, until one day I found a kitty ignoring my advances, instead she was magnetized by the only person in the room who didn’t particularly like cats.

Naturally, I had a cat-life crisis while that lucky person kept asking:

Why are cats attracted to me?

Since cats have a strong sense of smell you might be a cat magnet because of your scent. Some cats are also attracted to people with a relaxed and quiet personality, and a non-threatening posture, while others will flock to you for food and attention.

If you want to know the reasons why cats are attracted to you especially if you’re not a cat person then we’ve got you covered!

Why Are Cats Attracted To Certain People?

The rumor that cats are indifferent and aloof towards humans has been a popular belief for a while now, but I think in truth cats are simply picky, and at times unpredictable. They can be independent and self-sufficient around certain people and they can also shower others with attention and love.

So, why are cats attracted more to specific individuals?

Reason 1: The Way You Smell

a cat showing affection to a person and kissing them

Scent is a significant sense for many animals and that includes humans and cats. Studies have shown that smells play a major role in our lives, from triggering emotions to finding a stranger more attractive. Moreso, Johan Lundstrom a neuroscientist states that every person has a unique scent like a fingerprint.

Now when it comes to our feline companions they have an incredible sense of smell, and they use it to communicate with other cats and get information from the surrounding environment.

Ryan Llera, DVM, states that “by simply smelling a companion, a cat can determine whether they are male or female, happy or aggressive, or healthy or ill.”

So, if all humans carry a unique personal smell then surely cats are able to sniff it out with their superior noses. It’s quite possible that if you find cats approaching you wherever you go then they probably like the way you smell, or they find it interesting enough to let their guard down and get a closer whiff.

Of course, having such a strong sense of smell means that the cats that are attracted to you could detect a certain smell they might associate with food. Perhaps you were eating a slice of pizza that day and didn’t wash your hands properly, or you have a meat-flavored stain on your jeans.

Let’s not forget that if you have cats at home then you might find other cats sniffing you and rubbing against you to overpower the scent of your own cats.

So, next time you’re at your friend’s house and the cat chooses your lap you could either believe you have a unique spirit or that you simply smell like a steak!

Reason 2: Your Body Language

If the smell isn’t a good enough excuse for having cat groupies, then perhaps it’s the way you walk, talk and use your overall body. Cats might not know how to speak human, but they use their body to communicate, so it’s possible that they can also read our body language.

Since we’re much bigger in size, cats will be drawn to friendly behavior and a non-threatening posture. If you have cats or you were raised around them then you might already know that standing over a cat might make them feel scared, while crouching to meet them at their eye level tells them that it’s ok to approach and inspect you.

In the mind of a cat clumsy and loud people, are best avoided since they look unpredictable. If you’re light on your foot and don’t approach the stranger cat in a rushed way, and instead you let them make the first move then it’s quite likely that they’ll be attracted to your cat-like bearing!

Reason 3: Your Personality

orange kitty hugs woman

A friendly posture can attract a cat, but a friendly personality will help them stick around! You might call it a cat’s 6th sense, but understanding what kind of person you are might be easier for some felines.

For example, Professor Bjarne O. Braastad says that “cats are more trusting of higher voices and find deep voices threatening.” He also adds that “many people, and especially women, use a higher voice or baby talk when addressing cats.”

So, if you’ve just came to a house where there’s a cat and they’ve heard you speak they might flock to you because of how non-threatening you sound.

It’s also possible that your mood can attract a cat’s attention. A study done by the Oakland University in Rochester found that “When faced with a smiling owner, the cats were significantly more likely to perform “positive” behaviors such as purring, rubbing or sitting on their owner’s lap.”

This means that not only can cats recognize your body language as friendly, but they can also read your facial expressions. Most importantly a likely reason why you find yourself surrounded by cats is that you also respect their boundaries, you don’t pressure them for pets, and you let them come to you first!

Reason 4: They Need A Favor

I have two cats and they have completely different personalities; one is shy and avoids strangers while the other one is outgoing and will do anything to get attention. I might be just a small example, but there are plenty of cats out there that possess different characteristics when it comes to socializing.

If cats tend to seek your attention, they might simply be outgoing kitties that want to explore this new human, and they might also expect to get something out of you along the way. It could be a few gentle strokes, a hunting game where they can prove their feline skills or they hope you can give them a treat!

It’s especially obvious if you find yourself surrounded by stray cats in countries like Greece or Turkey where the cats are friendly and they expect to be rewarded for letting you pet them. If you don’t believe me just check this adorable group of cats that seem to have their human caterers in order!

So, while a cat can be attracted to you because of you, if they’re stray they can also be seeking a new home, the security you can offer, and food. You just have to remember that they wouldn’t be attracted to you if they didn’t like you!

Why Are Cats Attracted To People Who Don’t Like Them?

If you’re not much of a cat person, but cats can’t seem to get enough of you, you might be wondering why they’d run after someone who ignores them. Well, for some cats that is exactly the reason why they want to spend their time with you and on you.

As we’ve already established, cats gravitate towards people that are quiet and relaxed, and moreso the people that won’t run after them for snuggles. If you visit a friend and the first response when you see a cat is to ignore them then chances are that this kitty will see it as an opportunity to approach you when they’re ready.

Cat people, especially those who never had a feline companion might attempt to socialize with the cat straight away, they will hover over them and exclaim how cute they are only to be ignored.

The problem in this situation is the fact that they’re not giving the cat the choice of interacting with them, something that makes a lot of shy cats feel powerless and unsafe.

So, if you want to resign from the “God or Goddess of cats” position then all you have to do is shower them with your attention!

What Does It Mean When Cats Are Attracted To Children?

a blonde boy and an orange cat looking at eachother

Most children small or big are fascinated by animals and it’s natural that they want to pet them and play with them. For some cats, this is a signal to retrieve and hide until the coast is child-free, but for outgoing and playful felines this is a dream come true!

Whenever I have friends with children over one of my cats will carefully position himself at the top of his cat tree where little hands can’t reach him. While my other cat will flop down before them to get all the attention they believe they rightfully deserve.

You might have heard that there are cats that can easily get jealous of babies but there are cats and to be more precise specific breeds that are attracted to kids.

For example, the Cat Fancier’s Association considers the Birman cat an extra social cat and they state that “the Birman is patient, even-tempered and tolerant, they make an excellent choice for families with children and/or other pets.”

How To Make A Cat Like Me?

orange cat sitting on the lap and looking at something

If you’re always that one cat lover who ends up ignored by cats then there are a few tricks you can use to become the ultimate cat-magnet, whether it’s a group of stray cats you’re looking to charm or your best friend’s furry creature.

Social Kitty Etiquette

When you’re in the company of cats it’s important to give them some time to adjust to your presence. Make sure you are calm and relaxed, and instead of walking up to them let them come over to you. Remember to slowly stoop down, so you’re not just a tall threatening figure standing over them.

Some cats may begin their introduction by smelling you, and once they’re done inspecting you, it’s the perfect time to let them smell your hand. If a cat wants to be petted, they will start rubbing their face against your hand, and if they ignore it simply remove your hand and try the same greeting again later.

As I’ve mentioned before ignoring the cat can be another way of showing them that you’re not a threat and if their curiosity takes over they’ll approach you on their own terms.

Don’t forget to use a soft voice and remember to slow blink at them, because according to some reports, “the eyes are important in signaling emotions, with the act of narrowing the eyes appearing to be associated with positive emotional communication in a range of species.”

Understanding what to expect from a kitty’s body language and how best to interpret it can also help you assess the situation. So, if they rub against you, hold their tail up high and purr at your touch then you’re doing a great job, but if their body is tense, ears flat against their head then it’s their way of telling you “No”, and you better listen.

If all goes well then chances are that you’ll be adopted by that kitty!

Interact Through Fun Activities

a cat playing with a colorful toy

Ignoring can have a short-term effect on some cats, but if you want to dazzle all your friends’ cats then make sure to spend time with them and do it their way. Once the cats feel comfortable in your presence, get their favorite string toy out or any other interactive toy they love and play with them.

Now if you’re an introvert like me and you’d rather spend your time with the cat of the house instead of socializing with the people, you could go the extra mile and bring with you since the snake-like string should hypnotize the cat into their primal hunting state!

Then again, if the cat isn’t in a playful mood, you can ask your friend if you can offer the cat some treats, or simply let the kitty sit on your lap and make sure to add a good massage to the mix!

Once you’ve established yourself as the ultimate cat attraction don’t be surprised if your friends will start asking you to watch over their furry familiars whenever they’re away on vacations!

Closing Thoughts

an orange cat cuddling with a man

If cats are attracted to you while you don’t consider yourself to be a cat person then perhaps you need to see their interest as an opportunity to explore the feline psyche.

I’ve known many people that weren’t huge fans of cats but they had a change of heart once they actually invested their time into getting to know these feline creatures, not only will it make the cat happy but your friend will also appreciate your efforts. For those of you who crave some cat attention, simply play it hard to get!

Now tell us, do you always find yourself surrounded by cats, and do you consider it a blessing or a curse?