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Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Be Held?

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Be Held?

The Russian Blue Cat features a silky coat, triangular-shaped head, a long body, and beautiful green eyes. But, the looks are not the only awesome thing about this cat – she also has many personality traits that make her a desirable family pet.

The Russian Blue Cat is loyal, sweet, and affectionate. She is likely to follow her owners everywhere. She’s also quiet, gentle, and curious. This breed is intelligent and, even though she’s very devoted to her humans, she’s still not clingy.

Considering these traits, many of you might conclude that Russian Blue Cats are even lap cats!

Do Russian Blue Cats like to be held?

Let’s find out!

Do Russian Blue Cats Enjoy Their Owners Holding Them?

russian blue cat in owners hug

Not every cat reacts the same to her owner’s attempts to cuddle her, or to pick her up, especially in the beginning. Some may interpret these actions as an invasion of their personal space.

Since Russian Blues are so sweet and affectionate, I bet any of you would think it’s safe to hold this cat from the start.

Well, the truth is that there’s a good chance that your Russian Blue will enjoy being held, but only when she gets perfectly comfortable around you.

Here it’s important to understand that this breed doesn’t enjoy the company of strangers. 

Therefore – even if your kitten seems to enjoy being held by you, this doesn’t mean she will act the same way around everybody else. What it does signify, though, is that your Russian Blue has placed complete trust in you and welcomes this affectionate interaction.

Should You Try To Hold Your Russian Blue Cat?

Some Russian Blues find satisfaction in being held, while for others, it will simply be enough to be by their owner’s side, without having them picked up. The most important thing is to recognize your cat’s preferences.

You should try holding your Russian Blue if you see your cat is up for this! You shouldn’t force anything, but rather let your cat get accustomed to you, and then try with the cuddles and holding.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains how Russian Blues might be shy at first, but become very loving once they feel comfortable around their humans.

Also, they are likely to form a deep connection with only one person – if she recognizes you as her favorite, there’s a good chance this cat will love you to hold her!

You should try to recognize some signs your Russian Blue might be up for holding, such as purring loudly, headbutting your hand, or rubbing against your legs. If she gets comfortable enough, she might even jump onto your lap!

How To Hold Your Russian Blue?

Russian Blue Cat

You should make sure your cat isn’t feeling uncomfortable, since holding her roughly can make her feel stressed or trapped.

Before picking up your Russian Blue Cat, the best would be to start with some gentle petting. Our cat petting chart might be very helpful for you to understand what are some good ways to pet a cat.

You should put your arm under your cat’s arms while picking her up, and use your other hand to support her bottom.

Once it feels your Russian Blue had enough holding, you should put her down gently – the same way you picked her up.

You can see the visual demonstration of this process in the video below.

What To Do If Your Cat Isn’t Up For Being Held?

There is really nothing you should do if your Russian Blue doesn’t seem up for holding. There isn’t anything wrong with your furry companion – this type of affection is just not her thing!

You’ll recognize your cat disapproves being held by reading her body language. If she struggles to get away, meows loudly, or squirms – she’s clearly not comfortable. 

According to PetMD, many cats don’t like to be hugged or being held against their will.

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Can You Get Your Russian Blue To Like Being Held?

Some Russian Blues are fans of their humans’ laps, and some not so much. You should give your cat enough space and time, and not force picking it up, but there are some ways for her to start liking being held by you.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to establish a strong bond and complete trust between you and your kitten. Also, it’s a good sign if your Russian Blue enjoys when you touch and pet her.

You can start increasing your physical contact with time, as for your cat to get used to this. Of course, positive reinforcement is crucial here!

Every time your cat approves of you petting and picking her up, reward her with her favorite treat. This way, your Russian Blue will associate you holding her up with something positive. 

As soon as you notice she might have had enough cuddles, make sure you put her down gently.

Patience is essential here. Your Russian Blue may be hesitant at first, but with time, she may become more comfortable, so there’s no need to rush things.


woman holding russian blue cat

Since this is a highly affectionate and gentle breed, there is a good chance your Russian Blue Cat will let you hold her. Of course, provided that she feels completely comfortable and safe in your home.

However, not all Russian Blue Cats will like to be held, no matter how much they love their owners. If this is the case with your cat, you should let her have enough space, and don’t push her into cuddling.

Still, with some positive reinforcement, and by spending enough time with your furry friend – she might get to start liking this type of cuddles.

Whether your Russian Blue Cat will let you hold her or not – this shouldn’t be the highlight of your relationship.

What’s essential here is that this breed is definitely a loving companion and a pet with highly desirable qualities.

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