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7 Reasons For Cats Sitting Like Humans

7 Reasons For Cats Sitting Like Humans

Cats are so skillful in taking different positions while sitting or napping.

Some love to be curled up in a ball, while others prefer to stretch their back legs and raise their rear quarters while sitting.

Seeing our cats in a certain sitting position sometimes makes us wonder what would be the possible reason why they choose to sit like this. 

I believe you’ve all seen your cat sitting in a way that reminds you of the way we sit. Or, at least you’ve certainly seen some funny photos of cats sitting like humans on social media.

This is funny and weird, right? There are many funny and weird things our feline friends do, but, in the end, it’s all part of their endless charm.

Now, there are seven reasons for this sitting position in felines. Let’s learn more about them.

1. Your Furry Pal Is Mimicking You

White cat sitting like a human
Source: Qoura

My cat seems to be sitting like me. Is it possible that it actually wants to mimic my behavior in some way?

Actually, yes, this is very likely. When you think about it, you’re the person your cat spends most time with. 

It learns all your routines and probably often wants to be part of your activities. Considering how intelligent cats are, it’s no wonder that they may even try to mimic us.

I’m sure many people would say that it’s too much to claim that cats are capable of copying our behavior.

Well, I would disagree, since there are even some scientific studies in this area. Claudia Fugazza and her team [1] conducted a study aimed at providing evidence that a domestic cat can learn to replicate human-demonstrated actions.

The results showed how the cat in the study had the ability to map the different body parts and movements of the human demonstrator into its own body parts and movements – at least to some extent.

Of course, not every cat is able to do this, even with long-run training. What to think of your cat that kind of sits like you, then?

You should see this as absolutely flattering, since mimicking behavior indicates that your kitty admires and adores you!

2. It Shows The Belly As A Sign Of Trust

Black cat sitting like a human
Source: Qoura

A cat is a prey and predator at the same time. How do you know this shrewd animal trusts you entirely?

Seeing it sitting like a human could be a valid sign of trust. When your cat sits like this, it’s showing you the belly, which is its most vulnerable part.

Predators always go for a cat’s stomach since this is where all their vital organs are. Therefore, every cat has an instinct to protect this part of its body.

By showing you its belly, your cat is indicating that it believes you and senses no threats in its surroundings.

For some cats, this sitting position is also a calling to get some nice belly rubs. 

In this case, your cat sitting like a human is definitely a compliment to you as a pet parent.

3. Grooming Time

Cat sitting like a human
Source: Qoura

Do you ever wonder what your kitty does when you’re not around?

Grooming itself, most likely! According to Cornell Feline Health Center, felines typically spend between 30 and 50% of their day grooming themselves.

What does this habit have to do with your cat sitting like a human? Well, to have its fur perfectly clean and debris-free, your cat needs to sit in all kinds of weird positions.

While sitting in a human position, your cat has the perfect opportunity to groom its private parts, as well as its stomach.

Cats are amazingly flexible, enabling them to keep all their body parts spotlessly clean. 

Here is a video of an adorable little groomer sitting like a person.

4. Temperature Control

A cat sitting like a human on a bed
Source: Qoura

If I had a penny for every time I caught my kitty laying near the fireplace or catching the ray of sun on the window… I’m sure all of you frequently encounter this sight, too. 

Cats love to be warm and they’re always looking for some source of warmth in their surroundings. 

However, even warm lovers can get too hot sometimes. Just like the summertime weather can be overwhelming for us, the same thing is true for our furry companions.

Your cat wants to have its body at an optimal temperature. To achieve this, it may choose to sit like a human.

While its belly is facing upwards, your cat is able to cool itself down. This position exposes its belly and lower body to the cool air, allowing it to cool down.

5. Pure Comfort

A White and black cat sitting like a human
Source: Qoura

Comfort is a common explanation for many things cats do that aren’t entirely clear to us.

Since cats’ bodies are so different from ours, it makes you wonder whether a human sitting position is really comfortable for your kitty. Us sitting like them certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable!

Well, it seems that it is. There are also other weird stuff cats like and find comfy, such as laying on a paper.

This is just like with us. We all have preferences when it comes to the way we sit or sleep. 

Perhaps your little friend is just curious and is trying different sitting positions. It seems that it found the one that we sit in very appealing!

Anyway, you shouldn’t intervene here or make your cat sit the other way. Remember that they love nothing more than their own comfort. So, if something isn’t according to your cat’s wishes – it will change it itself right away.

6. Stretching

A pointed cat sitting like a human
Source: Qoura

Another great thing about the human sitting position is that it enables your cat to get a nice stretch.

Its back is curved and its legs are outstretched while sitting like this. Stretching is great for cats and something they really enjoy.

If you’ve ever done joga or seen anybody doing it, you’re aware of all the challenging positions we can put our bodies in. Imagine just what flexible creatures like cats can do to get a good stretch!

Animal Hearted Apparel explains how stretching helps cats stay agile and loose. Since they love to nap so much, this stiffs their joints, meaning that they need to get a good stretch daily. Stretching also improves circulation in felines.

Besides physical improvements, stretching is beneficial for mental health, too, since it can be a form of stress relief for cats.

Next time you see your furry friend sitting like a human and stretching, let this be a reminder for you to stretch, too! Stretching is beneficial for us just like it’s for our cats.

7. Just Enjoying A View

Funny cat sitting like a human
Source: Qoura

Finally, a human sitting position enables a cat to have a better view of its surroundings.

This means your kitty will be more likely to spot a potential food opportunity earlier. Also, it helps it stay alert to react if a potential threat appears around it.

Cats are observant and curious. This is why we so often see them in high spots in our homes, as well as on windows.

They just enjoy stalking. This is sometimes just their attempt to get to know what their owners are doing. Many times, this is about them lurking on their prey.

Should You Stop Your Cat From Sitting Like A Human?

The reason why you should ever stop or prevent your cat from something is when you find it dangerous or uncomfortable for it.

If your cat chooses to sit like a human, there’s something pleasurable and comfortable it finds in this position. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop it from doing this.

Also, while sitting like this, it exposes its belly, meaning that it doesn’t feel vulnerable or insecure. 

This isn’t a typical position you expect to see your pet in. My opinion here is that you should just enjoy the view and even take pictures!

After all, cats’ charm and surprising moves are one more reason why we love them so much.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve encountered your cat sitting like a human in real life or you’ve just seen this position on a cute meme – it’s certainly a funny and surprising sight.

I’ve explained the seven likely theories on this unusual sitting position. This could just feel comfortable for your cat and enable it to have the best possible view.

Some cats prefer to stretch sitting like a human, while others will take up this position during their grooming time.

Perhaps your cat is trying to indicate it wants some nice belly rubs. My personal favorite theory is the one that our feline friends are trying to mimic us.

In the end, the most important thing is that this isn’t anything dangerous for your pet. It’s simply a matter of preference and your cat’s personal choice of the way to sit.

[1] Fugazza, C., Sommese, A., Pogány, Á. et al. Did we find a copycat? Do as I Do in a domestic cat (Felis catus). Anim Cogn 24, 121–131 (2021), DOI, Retrieved December 17, 2023.