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Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long

Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long

Have you ever spent time looking at your cat and suddenly notice that their whiskers just seem so…long!

So why are your cat’s whiskers so long? Your cat’s whiskers are typically as long as your cat is wide. In fact, one of the primary roles that whisker’s play is helping your cat understand whether or not they can fit through a particular opening. 

Whiskers do a lot more than just help your cat navigate tight spaces. They also help your cat stay balanced, monitor movements of prey, communicate with body language, and protect your cat’s face!

But if you’ve suddenly noticed just how long your cat’s whiskers are, you might be wondering…

Are My Cat’s Whiskers Too Long?

Nope, your cat’s whiskers aren’t too long. Instead, they’re the perfect length since your cat’s whiskers grow in equal proportion to your cat’s width. A bigger cat, like a Maine Coon, for example, will have a longer, wider, and bigger whiskers to match their bigger body.

Whiskers help your cat understand whether or not they can fit through a tight space without having to go all the way through. As the tips of their whiskers touch the edges of the space it helps them understand just how much room they have.

It’s not just your cat that uses whiskers like this, most animals with whiskers have this ability to some extent!

Do Cats Whiskers Grow Longer As They Get Fatter?

If cat whiskers match the width of your cat, it naturally leads us to wonder if whiskers will grow longer as your cat gets fatter. The short answer is no, after seeing and examining thousands (and thousands) of fat, overweight cats I’ve never seen any noticeable increase in the length of the whiskers. I’ve also never seen any scientific evidence to suggest whiskers grow as a cat gets fatter.

Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. After all, becoming obese is not something that your cat’s wild ancestors would have had to deal with so the idea that your cat has evolved to compensate for extreme weight gain just wouldn’t make sense.

Can I Trim My Cat’s Whiskers?

Absolutely not! Besides not being necessary, removing, trimming, or cutting your cat’s whiskers means you’re taking away a major part of their sensory abilities. Remember whiskers help your cat do everything from navigating the world around them to actually protecting their face!

What Happens If You Cut A Cats Whiskers?

Trimming or removing your cat’s whiskers will make it harder for them to navigate around tight spaces. Depending on how much is cut or removed, it could almost be like removing one of your senses since whiskers do so much for your cat!
While a cat that burns their whiskers while sniffing a candle too closely may have only a minor inconvenience, completely cutting a cat’s whiskers could cause big problems for them.

How Long Do Cat Whiskers Take To Grow?

Do Cat Whiskers Fall Out?

It’s completely normal for whiskers to being growing and falling out all the time. So unless you’re suddenly seeing a lot of whiskers on the ground (enough that you can notice your cat is missing whiskers) there’s probably not much to worry about.

Closing Thoughts

Whiskers are just another fascinating thing about our cats. While they make our cats look interesting and unique they do a lot more than just look cool! Now you know not only why your cat’s whiskers are so long but also what they actually do!

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