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7 Interesting Facts About The Mackerel Tabby Cat Personality

7 Interesting Facts About The Mackerel Tabby Cat Personality

Tabby cats have a specific look that resembles those of miniature tigers. Different breeds can have this coat pattern, which can be seen in patterns of blotches, stripes, spots, or swirls.

The mackerel, or the striped pattern, is the most common among the tabby patterns. 

It’s made of thin, vertical curving stripes on the sides of the cat’s body. This pattern is believed to be the first tabby pattern that ever occurred.

These cats have a distinctive “M” on their foreheads. Some of the most common colors they come in are cream, brown, blue, and red.

Besides a rather interesting look, mackerel tabbies also have outstanding personality traits!

Let’s take a look at seven fun facts about the mackerel tabby cat personality.

1. Curiosity About Their Surroundings

Curios Tabby cat

Mackerel tabbies are very curious about everything around them. This means they will want to know what you are doing all the time!

These adventurous cats can sometimes find themselves in tricky situations due to their boundless curiosity, especially when they’re kittens. 

Due to this, it’s a good idea to have this cat indoors, just to be on the safe side. The outside world offers more opportunities to play and hunt, but it also brings higher risks.

Your mackerel tabby is likely to try to investigate everything it finds outdoors, so you should keep an eye on it all the time.

One thing is sure with these cats: You can never be bored having them around!

2. High Intelligence

Mackerel tabby cats are highly intelligent and capable of problem-solving.

According to Savy Pet Care, cats with the tabby coat pattern are widely regarded as more intelligent than many other feline breeds, a sentiment shared by both cat enthusiasts and breeders.

Mackerel tabbies in some way resemble puppies, since they follow their owners around. 

Also, due to their high intelligence, they are capable of learning how to play fetch. These felines are clever and amusing and make excellent companions for humans.

Anyone looking for a smart cat, capable and willing to learn tricks, will be thrilled with the mackerel tabby cat!

3. They’re Social And Friendly

tabby cat with guy

Some cats are naturally more outgoing than others, while some may not be as thrilled about the company of other animals and humans.

For some, this will be so stressful that they can show signs such as not eating and hiding when there are strangers and other pets around them.

This isn’t the case with mackerel tabbies. These cats just adore human company and are very social. They love to be a part of any activity their owners are involved with.

Mackerel tabbies also get on well with children, which makes them a great choice as a family pet.

They are also likely to get along with other cats, and even dogs! This is especially true when they’re socialized with other animals from a young age.

One thing to bear in mind is that these tabbies are very friendly, but they do prefer being the center of attention. So, if you give a mackerel tabby a lot of attention, you’ll be its favorite human without a doubt!

4. They’re Also Highly Active

The exact amount of needed activities for a mackerel tabby depends on factors such as its breed and age.

However, all mackerel tabbies are highly active. This means that they require a lot of socialization and play sessions with their humans.

Also, they need to receive some other forms of exercise and activity on a daily basis. Hill’s Pets suggests the following fun activities for cats:

Hunting prey: You don’t even have to let your tabby cat go outside for this. You can simply use a stuffed animal and direct it to play hide-and-seek with it.

Mechanical toys: The ones looking like small rodents will be especially interesting for your feline friend. This option will be entertaining and stimulating for your little investigator.

Cat food puzzles: You can even make one of these by yourself. Utilize a simple cardboard box and dry cat food to turn mealtime into playtime for your cat.

These are some great ways to keep your mackerel tabby both mentally and physically stimulated. It’s very important to do this to keep it healthy, happy, and satisfied.

For some cats, having an animal company is a great way for additional activity. Also, you’ll be sure your cats won’t be bored when you have to spend some time away from home.

You can find some useful information about this topic in our article on the things to know before getting a second cat.

You can also take a look at the adorable video below showing mackerel tabby cats playing. Maybe this will encourage you to welcome more than one of these kitties into your home!

5. Great Hunting Abilities

Tabby cat outside

All cats are hunters in their nature. But, mackerel tabbies have exceptional hunting skills.

Whenever they have a good opportunity, they will show you how skillful they are. Of course, our domesticated cats don’t actually need to go hunting to get some food.

We are here to provide them with a quality diet. However, hunting isn’t just about getting food. It’s also about cats’ natural instincts, and even a form of play and exercise for them.

So, you’re likely to see your mackerel tabby cat playing with its prey. Also, this cat will go hunting even if it has just had a tasty meal!

If you don’t like the idea of your tabby cat chasing small prey in your backyard, you can simply stimulate it with the previously mentioned hunting toys.

6. Mackerel Tabbies Are Highly Affectionate With Their Humans

Not all of these cats will be lap cats. This also depends on their breed, as well as on their socialization and previous experiences.

But, one thing is sure – all mackerel tabbies are affectionate with their humans. They love to receive attention, but also to show love and affection in return.

They will snuggle up with their owners on the sofa and let them pet them. These cats could also groom their humans to show gratitude for taking good care of them.

Some of them will also display affection by sleeping close to their owners, such as above their head.

7. They Could Manifest Mischievous Behavior

Angry Tabby cat

Last, but certainly not least, an interesting fact about the mackerel tabby cat personality is that they could occasionally show mischievous behavior.

Since they’re intelligent and curious, these kitties can become bored if they’re not stimulated enough. Also, they tend to be stubborn and always want to have things their way.

Of course, this behavior can sometimes be seen in any cat. The key here is to offer your tabby enough opportunities for mental and physical simulation, as well as your attention and time.

Keeping a mackerel tabby occupied is the best way to prevent it from mischievous and destructive outbursts.


What can we conclude about the mackerel tabby cat personality?

They are outgoing, social, and friendly. For those seeking a cat that thrives on companionship, this tabby is an excellent choice.

These cats are also highly curious and intelligent, and it’s a lot of fun having them around. Mackerel tabbies are affectionate with their humans and love to get a lot of attention from them.

They can, however, be stubborn and mischievous if something isn’t in accordance with their wishes.

In general, mackerel tabbies have amazing personalities and make awesome companions.

In the end, I would like to emphasize once more that different breeds can have this coat pattern. This means that their personality can also depend greatly on their genetics. 

Furthermore, socialization is another essential factor here. These are just general expectations when it comes to a mackerel tabby’s cat personality traits.

You might also want to learn more about the female tortoiseshell cat’s personality. Hope to see you there!