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A Comprehensive Guide To Cat Hair Length Chart

A Comprehensive Guide To Cat Hair Length Chart

Choosing only one cat can be quite difficult, since there are so many different breeds out there. They come in various sizes, and their beautiful coat colors and patterns make the decision even harder. Really, can we even pick only one?

Besides factors such as size, coat color, or gender, many future owners might also want to consider the type and length of hair their prospective kittens have.

Does shorter hair mean no shedding at all? Are all long-haired felines challenging to groom? What’s the difference between medium long-haired, and long-haired cats?

This cat hair length chart will help you discover these answers, as well as get a better perspective on the matter of cat hair.

Cat Hair Length Chart

Let’s first look at the brief overview of the cat hair length chart.

Hair length Grooming requirements
Short-haired cats Up to 2 inches long Low
Medium long-haired cats Usually between 2-5 inches long Moderate
Long-haired cats Up to 6 inches long High

Short-haired Cats

two short haired cats

Cats that are characterized as short-haired are those that have fur up to 2 inches long.

This seems quite short, obviously, and might make some people think that these kittens don’t need grooming at all.

It’s true that cats with shorter furs are far easier to take care of, but, shorthair cats still shed, at least to some extent.

As the VCA Animal Hospital suggests, regular grooming helps keep the cat’s coat clean and free of tangles, no matter what type of hair she has.

Cats with short furs don’t require daily grooming, but it’s advisable to brush them approximately once a week.

Cats are excellent groomers themselves, so, once a week will be perfectly enough for short-haired ones, except for some specific situations.

For example, cats with conditions such as arthritis, might need more frequent grooming, as they won’t be able to groom themselves as effectively as other healthy cats.

A slicker brush is the most suitable one to use on short-haired cats, since it has short bristles that are helpful for getting rid of knots in the fur.

What Are Some Breeds With Short Hair?

If you would like for your future cat to have low grooming requirements, one of the short-haired beauties will be the perfect companion for you!

These are some breeds with short hair:

Abyssinian: This cat is not only easy to take for – it will also win you over with its playful and active personality!

American Shorthair: With an easygoing, sweet, and curious temperament, this short-haired kitten is a great choice for a family pet.

Bengal: This breed looks like a wild cat, but has a sweet and gentle nature. It isn’t hypoallergenic, but still makes a decent choice for allergy sufferers.

British Shorthair: Independent yet likely to follow her humans around all the time, this short-haired kitten is sure to bring a lot of fun to your home!

Egyptian Mau: This is one active, loyal, and intelligent cat, meaning it will be a perfect fit for people who can provide her with a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

Medium Long-haired Cats 

ragdoll medium long haired cat

Felines with hair long around 2-5 inches are characterized as medium long-haired ones. 

They have moderate grooming requirements, meaning that they are prone to knots and tangles, if they aren’t groomed regularly.

These cats are a good choice for anyone who would like their kitten to have luxurious hair, but still not have to deal with excess shedding and a lot of grooming on a daily basis.

It should be enough to brush a cat with medium-long fur two to three times a week to remove the dead hair and to keep her coat looking shiny and healthy.

Still, some of these breeds might shed more sometimes, so, it isn’t excluded that you might also need to groom a medium long-haired cat every day.

What Are Some Breeds With Medium-long Hair?

This hair length might be the favorite for many future owners – since it makes the perfect middle between short and long-haired felines!

Some of the awesome breeds with this fur type are the following:

Birman: This breed is affectionate, loyal, and sweet, which makes her a great choice for families with children.

Ragdoll: If you’re seeking a patient, calm, and gentle cat with medium-long hair, a Ragdoll might be the perfect match for you!

Havana Brown: This rare breed is intelligent and playful, and anyone who owns it can consider himself a lucky man, since these cats are quite hard to find.

Somali: This is one social cat that loves to interact with humans, but also with other cats!

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Long-haired Cats

persian long haired cat sitting on grass

These are cats with luxurious coats that can grow up to 6 inches.

Their lush and long hair truly makes these cats look graceful and elegant. But, of course, fur like this requires a lot of care and dedication.

Animal Clinic of Woodruff explains how regular brushing is especially important for long-haired cats. 

You should do this by spending time on all of your cat’s sections, starting with brushing her belly first, and then brushing the hair on each side of her back. After this is done, you should continue with your cat’s head and chest.

Frequent bathing isn’t necessary, especially if your cat is an indoor cat exclusively. Over-bathing can even cause her coat to lose its luster. If your cat gets really dirty, of course, you need to clean her.

If you notice any knots in your long-haired beauty, you should brush them out thoroughly. Your cat might not like you doing this, so, make sure you have some treats on your hand while getting her coat nice and tangles-free.

Of course, cats with longer hair are expected to shed heavily, but regular grooming can be very helpful.

What Are Some Breeds With Long Hair?

If you’re ready for a lot of grooming, and even heavy cleaning around your home to get rid of your cat’s hair, these are some of the beautiful long-haired breeds:

Himalayan: This is a lap cat, known for its easy-going and calm personality.

Maine Coon: The largest and the most popular cat breed has a luxurious coat, but also a dog-like personality that just makes any animal fancier instantly fall in love with her!

Norwegian Forest Cat: This breed is very affectionate, adaptable, and bold, meaning that it will fit well with any family!

Persian: This chubby breed is a quiet and adorable cat that just loves to be held by her favorite humans.

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Final Words

two cats with different fur length

I hope this guide to the cat hair length chart has provided you with valuable insights into the different types of cats’ fur.

Ultimately, the decision about the length of fur you would like your future kitty to have will depend on your lifestyle, as well as your willingness and familiarity with the needs of grooming a kitty.

It’s true that caring for a cat with shorter fur is much easier, as they shed less and require less frequent brushing. However, it’s a bit hard to resist long-haired beauties and their lush furs!

What’s your favorite fur length, and which cat breed do you prefer? Share your thoughts with us!

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