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All About The Cat Abortion Cost And Care Requirements

All About The Cat Abortion Cost And Care Requirements

Every cat parent can find itself in a surprising situation of finding their cat is pregnant. This isn’t something you planned or expected to happen.

Of course, knowing that a cat can get pregnant as early as four months old is something you should be aware of from the first moment you become a cat owner.

This isn’t a simple decision to take, but you may consider a cat abortion. Also, in some cases, a veterinarian may suggest this as the best option due to a cat’s poor health, old age, previous pregnancies, and so on.

In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to the main information about the cat abortion cost. Also, we’ll provide you with some useful advice on the appropriate care for your pet.

What Is The Price For A Cat Abortion?

ultrasound of pregnant cat

Cat abortion is something you should discuss with a veterinarian. The first step here is to visit the vet with your cat and explain your doubts about her pregnancy. 

You should be able to explain all the important details and symptoms you noticed. Some owners have a hard time determining whether their cats are pregnant or just fat, so, your veterinarian will first need to confirm the pregnancy.

Of course, you should only consider the cat abortion in a respectful vet clinic and in accordance with a veterinarian whom you know and trust.

You may even want to collect the price offer from a couple of clinics before making your ultimate decision.

In any case, there are some general expectations when it comes to the price of cat abortion. There are two different ways of abortion – the medical and the surgical one – and they differ in the cost.

While the medical abortion usually costs from $100 to $300, the surgical option is the more expensive one, and ranges from $200 to $500.

This is just the initial price, without other aspects included, such as medications, anesthesia, and additional appointments.

Is Pet Insurance Helpful In This Situation?

Everything is just fine while your cat is young, healthy, and running around full of energy.

However, any cat can become sick or suffer from injury. Unpredictable situations can arise suddenly, causing not only worry but also potentially significant financial strain.

Health treatments for cats are indeed not cheap, and this is why pet insurance is a good idea to consider. 

The PetMD explains how you can choose the level of coverage you desire for cat insurance. This type of insurance covers a portion of veterinary expenses in exchange for a monthly or annual premium.

There are some all-inclusive pet insurance that even cover cat abortion, especially in the case that this is something your veterinarian suggests as the best option.

However, most insurances usually cover annual check-ups, accidents, and injuries, while procedures like abortions aren’t included.

Of course, if you have pet insurance, be sure to check all the available resources upon deciding on cat abortion.

Are There Any Financial Assistance Programs?

pregnant cat standing outside

If you’re considering cat abortion, exploring financial assistance through local non-profit organizations can be a viable option. Of course, make sure that this is a trust-worthy organization, with all medical equipment needed.

The goal of these organizations is to take care of pets’ health, together with helping their owners with the financial aspect.

Also, there’s a chance that the veterinary clinic will allow you to pay in installments, which can significantly help cover the expenses.

Once again, make sure to consider all available options for cat abortion.

Can A Cat Also Get Spayed While Having Abortion?

If you don’t want your cat to have offspring at all, you can also consult your veterinarian on the spaying procedure together with the abortion.

No matter how old your cat is, it’s never too late to spay her, just as long as she’s healthy in general. 

According to Daily Paws, the average cost of spaying a cat at a private clinic ranges from $200-$400.

It’s possible that the spaying procedure will be cheaper if it’s performed together with the abortion. 

You’ll need to discuss this with your veterinarian, as the cost may be different for each vet clinic.

What Does The Process Of Cat Abortion Look Like?

cats abortion

Medical and surgical abortions differ in price, as well as in the procedure itself.

If your veterinarian suggests medical abortion, this will not include surgery. This option is mostly used with young and healthy cats and those who are in their early pregnancies.

This procedure includes giving your cat some specific drugs, like prostaglandins, to induce abortion. A couple of days after taking these drugs, the cat will pass the fetuses.

With the medications and post-abortus appointments, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 up to $800 for this type of abortion.

The surgical abortus is the more demanding one, where a cat will be sedated under general anesthesia.

The veterinarian will usually pick this option with older cats, those who have been pregnant for some time now, as well as those who have some underlying health problems.

The surgery refers to making an incision in a cat’s abdomen to remove the fetuses. 

Due to the anesthesia cost, as well as medications and follow-up appointments, the full cost of the surgery abortion can turn up to be up to $1200.

When Is A Cat Abortion The Only Solution?

cat on ultrasound

This isn’t the easiest decision to make and certainly includes ethical considerations.

However, being a cat parent sometimes involves deciding on things we would prefer to avoid. But, like with everything else in our lives, we cannot just run away from challenging situations.

The primary reason for considering cat abortion is to prevent the birth of unwanted kittens, thereby not contributing to the already high global cat population.

I believe many of you are shocked upon finding out your cat is pregnant. Although you keep her indoors strictly, it’s still possible for a male to find a female cat in heat and impregnate her.

Cats are driven by their natural instincts and extremely skillful, meaning that they will mostly get what they want.

You should know that, while it is a big deal, cat abortion is a standard procedure. You just need to have a veterinarian whom you trust and the one who will explain every detail of the abortion procedure to you.

While the prevention of unwanted kittens is the number one reason for abortion, sometimes the veterinarian suggests this option to protect the mother cat.

Older cats, cats with previous bad experiences with pregnancies, and cats with underlying health problems are at greater risk of a fatal outcome during the labor.

Therefore, abortus is sometimes also about saving a cat’s life and putting her well-being as a priority.

How To Take Care Of Your Cat After Abortion?

pregnant cat in a box

Abortion, no matter whether it’s done with the medical or surgical method, is a serious procedure that will demand your full attention and assistance for your pet. 

The Veterinary Partner explains how medical abortion will require the hospitalization of a cat for a couple of days. This allows for the administration of injectable medications and the management of expected vaginal discharge post-surgery.

After your cat comes home, you’ll need to do some monitoring on your own. Excess bleeding, discharge, fever, and swelling of the wound are some of the most common indicators of an infection after a cat’s sterilization.

This is also the case with a cat’s abortion, so, these are some signs you should look out for. You can expect your cat to be a bit lethargic and just want to rest for a couple of days.

The veterinarian will suggest the type of food that’s the best option for your cat to recover quickly. Make sure your cat doesn’t jump or climb for some time after the abortion.

Emotional support is also essential here. Provide your cat with a lot of your attention and cuddles to encourage her in the recovery period.

A cat is expected to be in pain, so the vet will prescribe some painkillers.

Of course, a follow-up appointment is something crucial. If you notice any kind of distress symptoms in your cat, call the veterinarian immediately.

The Bottom Line

cat with big belly

There are a couple of factors affecting the cat abortion cost.

The type of abortion is the first thing to consider. While the medical abortion is typically around $100 to $300, the surgical abortion is more expensive and costs $200 to $500.

There are also additional expenses here, such as anesthesia, medications, and follow-up care. This means that the ultimate cost of abortion can get as high as $1200.

Some pet insurances cover expenses like abortion, but most of them don’t include this medical procedure.

There is also a chance that a vet clinic will allow payment in installments, so, this is also something you should get information about.

Furthermore, it’s worth checking whether there are any financial assistance programs in your area.

The financial aspect is a very important part of the decision about cat abortion. Together with this, the emotional and ethical aspects present a specific type of struggle.

I want to encourage you once again in the end and remind you that, if you have a veterinarian of trust, you can be sure you’ll make the right decision by consulting with them.