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Pros Of A Bell On A Cat Collar, With 5 Product Suggestions

Pros Of A Bell On A Cat Collar, With 5 Product Suggestions

While collars are generally more inherent to dogs, many cat parents will use them on their pets, too.

You’re a lot safer knowing that, in case your cat gets lost or escapes, a collar will help you find it more quickly.

Of course, you need to ensure that the collar is entirely safe and comfortable for your cat. A good idea here is to get your cat used to wearing it from a young age. It’s easier to teach a cat anything while it’s young, and, of course, by using positive reinforcement.

While looking for a cat collar, you may have come across collars with a bell.

Is a bell on a cat collar a good idea? It is, as a matter of fact. We will explain the three most important pros for a bell on a cat collar, as well as provide you with a list of fine suggestions for this type of collar.

1. Locating Your Cat Is Easy And Quick

Cats can get into the weirdest places possible.

Many of them may run away from home in search of mates or new adventures. A nice walk can, unfortunately, end up with your feline friend escaping and you worrying whether it will find its way home.

Moreover, if you have a big house or a large yard, your cat can hide and just play dead, while you’re looking for it.

In such scenarios, a bell attached to your cat’s collar proves to be an excellent tool. With this aid, you’ll quickly find your adventurous kitten – you won’t even have time to get worried enough where it is.

2. Decreasing The Chances Of Threats To Global Biodiversity

gray cat is holding a bird in its mouth

Our domestic cats are exceptional hunters. I’m sure all you’ve seen your pet playing with prey numerous times.

Most likely, these are mice, rodents, or insects. However, in some places, cats and their love for hunting can present a threat to global biodiversity.

Scott R. Loss and his associates [1] point out how domestic cats kill 1.3–4.0 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals annually. 

While unowned cats cause the majority of the mortality, pet cats also have their role in this. Of course, this is a bad statistic and something we should all work together to prevent.

For those residing in areas with species of conservation concern, outfitting your cat with a bell-equipped collar is a positive first step.

By hearing a bell, the potential prey will know the predator is near, and will have a chance to hide.

3. Keeping Cats’ Aggression Under Control

A bell on a cat collar is especially convenient for multiple-cat households. 

When there is more than one cat in the house, almost certainly, one of them will want to show its dominance by bullying others.

While you may not be there any time this happens, hearing a bell can help you intervene and stop the aggressive behavior.

Knowing that the owner is about to come and stop the fight – the bully cat will run away.

5 Best Cat Collars With A Bell

1. AnNengJing Personalized Cat Collar With Nameplate And Bell


  • Engraved metal buckle
  • Made of sturdy nylon and comfortable lint
  • Fashionable patterns


  • The tag with the name is tiny

If you want a kitty to be entirely safe and look fashionable at the same time – then this AnNengJing cat collar is a great choice!

This is a personalized cat collar with a name plate, meaning that you won’t need an extra ID tag for your pet.

It comes in many fashionable patterns to make your cat look even more adorable. AnNengJing collar is made of sturdy nylon and features an engraved metal buckle and a detachable ring.

It has two adjustable sizes: S 6.3”-10.2”, and L: 7.5”-11.8′. It’s designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

A critical review worth mentioning is that a couple of customers find the tag with the name on this collar too tiny and hard to read.

2. Bemix Cat Collar Stars And Moon, 4-Pack, Reflective With Bell


  • Unique reflective cat collar design
  • Available in black, blue, purple, and red
  • Lifetime warranty card or free replacement


  • A ring to attach the bell should be stronger

The Bemix cat collar includes a package of four reflective cat collars with a bell. They come in black, blue, purple, and red.

This solid collar is made of nylon and even works well for smaller dog breeds. The adjustable range of the Bemix collar is 7-11″.

The manufacturer stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty or free replacement. The design of the moon and stars is something I especially like about this cute collar. 

One potential downside, highlighted by a customer review, is the durability of the ring used to attach the bell.

According to them, the ring isn’t strong enough, meaning that a playful cat might break it off easily.

3. Cognatio Safety Quick Release Cat Collar Double Velvet With Bell


  • Soft and strong double velvet
  • Strong webbing has soft-contoured edges for ultimate comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Clasp opens too easily

Cognatio cat collar is lightweight and comfortable, made of strong webbing with soft-contoured edges for your kitty’s most comfortable experience.

This is a type of collar that your cat will like, while the bell on it is a helpful way for you to locate your adventurous kitten quickly.

The length of this Cognatio collar can be adjusted from 20 to 30 centimeters, meaning that it’s suitable for most adult cats. The bell is easily removable.

This collar comes in a wide range of colors, including black, Christmas set, red, hot pink, Irish green, rainbow, orange, and so on.

The potential flaw of this item is that, according to some customers, the clasp opens too easily, making it not an ideal choice for outdoor cats, as well for highly active ones.

4. Liugjiau 2 Pack Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar With Bell


  • Cotton breakaway cat collar
  • An adjustment range of 7″ – 11″ and width – 2/5″
  • Handmade


  • Not so easy to open

Liugjiau is a handmade collar, made of cotton, and makes a safe and comfortable choice for cats.

This skin-friendly and lightweight collar won’t be harsh on your cat’s delicate skin. It features an adjustment range of 7″ – 11″ and width – 2/5″.

Liugjiau offers handmade cat collars and has been manufacturing them for over 13 years. Their collars are exported to more than fifty countries.

To prevent cats from being scratched, this manufacturer uses the round ear design rather than the pointed ear buckle design. 

With the bell on the Liugjiau collar – you will never lose your favorite pet.

One downside here is that it’s pretty challenging to re-open this collar. Some customers suggest how a different closure would be a better idea.

5. Taglory Reflective Cat Collar Breakaway With Bell


  • Reflective paw print and strip
  • Adjustable neck size for 7.5-12.5″, 3/8″ width
  • No rough spots or sharp edges


  • Reflective material comes off

The paw-print pattern and a cute bell just make you fall in love with this Taglory Reflective Cat Collar!

It’s made of durable nylon and features a bell that’s just loud enough to help you easily find your kitty.

The reflective design enables you to locate your cat quickly even in low-light conditions. The neck size on the Taglory collar is adjustable for 7.5-12.5″, 3/8″ width.

Without any rough spots or sharp edges – you can be sure your cat is perfectly comfortable.

The only thing I find bad is that the reflective material isn’t woven into the collar and comes off quickly. This means that you could spend some time vacuuming this reflective material around your house. 


orange cat with a bell on a blue collar sitting

Cat collars with a bell are a great solution for an easier location for your kitty. Also, they can help you reduce cat aggression inside your home.

They’re also a good solution for reducing the predation of wildlife. 

These five product suggestions all make good choices for collars with belles and are safe, efficient, and comfortable for your feline friend.

Ultimately, it all depends on your cat and its preferences. There is a good chance it will get used to it, especially if you introduce it to it at a young age.

However, not every cat will be thrilled wearing a collar with a bell, or a collar of any kind. 

The most important thing is to figure out what’s the best option for your cat and not to force it to wear anything that isn’t comfortable for it.


[1] Loss, S., Will, T. & Marra, P. The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife of the United States. Nat Commun 4, 1396 (2013). DOI, Retrieved January 25, 2024.