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Black Cat Spiritual Meaning – Mystery Solved

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning – Mystery Solved

Black cats were, for centuries, bad omens and good omens. How people see these black creatures depends on different cultures. While in some, they represent evil spirits, in others, they represent spiritual protectors.

It is obvious that we hear about witchcraft, superstition, and all the other negative connotations when it comes to black cats. We’ve made sure to cover up the symbolic meaning of black cats in different parts of the world.

Now, let’s check the black cat spiritual meaning in ancient times and till this day.

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning

sleepy black cat

In Ancient Egypt, for people, it was great if they were depicted as cats or as having cat heads. For example, Basted had a cat head, and Sekhmet had a lion head which is a big cat. Ancient Egyptian art is full of cats, and many of them are even mummified.

Russian, Roman, and Greek cultures also loved cats and considered them to be hygienic and noble demeanor. That means that for centuries, black cats have not been feared but praised, and Scottish people believe that a black cat on a porch symbolizes prosperity.

To be honest, it is not considered that bad luck if you see a black cat; however, several cultures and myths have a different opinion:

Germany – a black cat crossing your path from left to right is good luck, whereas a black cat crossing from right to left is considered to be bad luck.

USA, Spain, Italy – seeing a black cat is considered to be evil, death, and overall bad luck, especially if it walks across your path. If you see a black cat during a family member’s funeral or a black cat walking away from you, it is also considered bad luck. Some people think that black cats represent poverty and hunger.

Ireland and Scotland – black cats, have high regard, and people there think that if a black cat shows up at your door, that means prosperity in your future.

Latvia – if the black kitten in a litter appears, it symbolizes a fruitful harvest.

China – black cats represent long life, love, good fortune, and wealth, overall symbols of good luck.

As you can see, there are a lot of contradictions when it comes to the spiritual meaning of seeing a black cat, but overall it is believed in most countries that they are positive outcomes of encountering a black cat.

Many European cultures still believe that black cats bring bad luck, and therefore black cats have been avoided, feared, and harmed. But mostly, now, black cats are seen as a good thing and a sign of good luck.

Seeing A Black Cat On A Full Moon

black cat with black background

The full moon is just as superstitious as a black cat, but imagine seeing a black cat on a full moon, which is believed to influence the moods and behavior of people.

Many experts tried to unravel the truth behind the full moon phenomenon, but they did not succeed. Many theories are yet to be proved, but one thing is for sure, phases of the moon can drastically affect the cat’s behavior, and even if we don’t know the reason behind it, we know that it doesn’t harm us or our feline cuties.

When you see a black cat on a full moon, it is connected to possible werewolf transformations. But these are just some cultural stories, and often, they represent some other phenomenon. On nights of a full moon or Halloween nights, it is not recommended to approach black cats because this superstition has remained since the Middle Ages. However, many people in America own cats, and the superstition slowly fades that black cats are witches and dangerous carriers of bad luck.

While there is some spooky vibe when seeing a black cat on a full moon, there are still many people that don’t believe in that. It is probably some tale, and it is important that you remember that taking care of your black cat or any colored cat is your priority in order to keep them comfortable and happy, as it will bring good things in your life.

What Does A Black Cat Symbolize In The Spiritual World?

fat black cat

Black cats have been respected for centuries, but over time, they have been associated with many different meanings. For example, black cats represent secrecy and mystery; for those that think that black cats represent mystery, it may be associated with evil, while for secrecy, people think that black cat symbolism has to do with magic and art, no matter what, the black cat and the meaning behind it is the clearly subjective case.

But, if you happen to see a bunch of black cats frequently in your daily life, it is not something you should ignore. It is probably that universe is trying to tell you something because anything that falls out of the ordinary is some kind of a message.

In Ancient Egypt, there was a Goddess Bastet, a cat-headed divinity that was depicted as a black cat which is associated with fertility, feminine magic, and home. So if you see black cats over and over again, that can signify progress in one of those things. Maybe a pregnancy is incoming or a new home.

However, there is another side of the Bastet story; it is said that Bastes was a shape-shifter which was what black cats are known for too. So if you see many black cats in a short period of time, it may signify some change in your behavior and that you need to make the best of it.

When we talk about black cat symbolism in the spiritual world, black cats are always connotated with superstition and mystery. When you look at the meaning of a black cat, you need to look at the era, location, and culture. We need to remember that black cats are not an actual breed but a color of fur, which means that black cats are not so different from cats colored differently.

Traditional beliefs are that black cats are either evil or wonderful creatures, thought of as bad luck and witches in disguise or held in high regard. If you see a black cat in your dreams, it can symbolize playfulness and feminine energy, and you need to trust your intuition. It can also symbolize standing up against prejudice and strength, whether you see it in person or in your dreams.

Black Cat Power Animal

black cat standing outside

The black cat as a power animal is for those people who are ready to stop believing in prejudice and persecution; you need a lot of courage to invoke a black cat in this way. Whether your cat is black, grey tabby, Calico, Sphynx, Maine Coon, or Siamese, one thing is certain, they don’t care about human opinions.

They might feel some type of affection towards their humans, but cats are considered to be some of the strongest animals when it comes to emotions. Black cat energy can help you if someone is trying to make you unworthy or oppress you in any way, and their energy can help you in those dark times.

Black cats, as power animals, can offer you flexibility and power. Whenever you feel behind and want to beat the odds, call on black cat energy, even if your life brings you many changes that need to slow down. As a confident and proud being, the black cat takes pride in its gorgeous look. If you have trouble with your self-care, black cats come in handy to show you how it’s done.

If you’re interested in shapeshifting or some magical tricks, the black cat will surely help you as it has the strongest ties to esoteric things, and it will easily help you discover many mysteries. Another thing good about the black cat is that it can help you decide and balance your thoughts if you have some doubts about situations full of risks.

Black Cat Totem Animal

black cat lying in room

People born with a black cat totem animal are totally enigmatic and alchemical. In their life, everything seems put together, even if there is so much chaos inside. Some say that totem represents a person that has unfinished business in a previous life. If that is the case, the black cat person is influenced in every action they take.

People with birth totem are usually risk-takers with needed caution. These people need to consider all the consequences before they take that action. It is obvious that their senses are eager, and often, particularly sight, but their playfulness and curious character get the best of them from time to time. That’s the time they find themselves in trouble.

Family and friends of those with birth totem know they can’t fool them. They are always aware of their surroundings, and they feel that something is about to happen. These people tend to love snacking, napping, and repeating all of it. That’s why they should consider eating more healthily.

The black totem represents elegance, adaptability, and authority. According to that, to these people, it fits perfectly to be leaders that won’t lose dignity under pressure. They also have the ability to handle whatever life brings.

However, there is a belief that a black cat totem person brings bad luck to those around them.

Black Cat Spirit Animal

black cat sitting on ground

You cannot escape black cats. Wherever you go, you can see black cats, paper, TV commercials, in person, movies, and dreams. It may be that the black cat, as a spirit animal, has some kind of message for you.

The appearance of the black cat spirit tells you that you need to focus more on your power and how to manage it, according to Pagans and Witches. Black cats are familiar with magic, and, as a spirit animal, it can help you gladly if you’re interested in that field.

A black cat’s appearance has a connection with your sense of self and inner self. For example, if you feel alone in the dark or ignored and rejected, the black cat spirit animal understands you and wants to heal you as it recognizes that you’re worthy of dignity and love. The black cat spirit animal will help you ignore every social stigma that may make you feel that type of way.

A black cat spirit animal with golden eyes can symbolize the way in which you perceive things. You might be in some type of way blinded when recognizing the truth in others and yourself; that’s where black cats show you some other ways of perceiving the world.

A black cat with green eyes can symbolize that it is really time for you to grow and start working on your own magic,

Some other beliefs of the black cat spirit animal are that it will help you with its energy with any problem you come upon.

What Does It Mean When A Black Cat Cross Your Path?

black cat walking outside

The myth about black cats which cross your path is probably the most common myth and terrible, to be honest. Some countries and cultures believe that if a black cat crosses their path, they need to go in another direction if a black cat walks in front of them, whether they’re in a vehicle or on foot.

However, in ancient cultures, it was a good sign if a cat crossed your path; it usually meant that wealth was coming your way. The sign of good luck is also if a cat stares directly at you. Many believe that a black cat crossing a path is definitely a sign of good luck.

In a spiritual way, a black cat definitely symbolizes prosperity, good fortune, and protection, so it cannot be a bad thing, right? Others believe that the black cat’s spiritual meaning has to do with fate and a guardian angel.

Celtic Mythology About Black Cats

black cat posing in studio

Celtic mythology doesn’t have positive connotations when it comes to black cats. In Celtic mythology, they’re seen as evil and bad since there was a large black cat named Cat Sith that had a white dot on the stomach. The Cat Sith’s job was to intercept would who would stop them from the birth of the afterlife.

Common Myths About Black Cats

There are many myths about black cats, but we’ll put some of them.

We’ve listed some of the most common ones you’re supposed to know or hear in your lifetime:

1. Black Cats Are Witches In Some Form

One of the most common tales about black cats is that they are often associated with witchcraft and witches. How did it begin?

The story starts with one black cat entering the house where the witch lives. Black cats that are seen at night are mostly connected with witches. It is also believed that black cats are reincarnations of witches that bring bad luck.

In some period of time, those who fed stray cats were often depicted as those who were doing the witchery stuff.

2. Black Cats Bring Good Luck 

Even though many think that black cats are bad luck, there are also people who think that black cats are good omens and overall bring good things into life. Black cats are thought to bring protection, good luck, good fortune, and so on.

In Egypt, these black cats are considered really high due to their resemblance to the goddess Bastet.

Overall, in many cultures and countries, black cats symbolize signs of good luck, especially if they look into certain situations and moments.

3. Black Cats Are Bad Luck 

black cat on grey sofa

This is connected to the first myth about black cats being connected to witches. This is the myth where people think that black cats bring death, evil and bad luck. This is the myth due to the old beliefs in medieval times when animals with dark fur represented and signaled death.

4. Black Cat Following You Home Can Be A Sign Of Pregnancy

Black cats have been judged and judged over time, and they need to have some positive light. If the black cat follows you home, it might actually signify something; the universe is sending you a message. 

Some cultures believe that if a cat follows a woman, it can represent a sign of pregnancy.

5. Black Cats Are Spiritual Protectors

Yes, that is another myth or belief; black cats are thought to be spiritual protectors. In what way do they feel something? Black cats sense that something is going to happen and often protect their favorite human from all the bad things.

Myths About Black Cats Bringing Good Luck In Countries

black cat lying on grass

• France – something magical will happen

Japan – you’ll be lucky in love if you see a black cat

• Asia/ UK – if you have a black cat, you’ll be lucky in life

Scotland – you will have prosperity in life if a black cat appears on your doorstep

England – a bride will have luck in her marriage if she receives a black cat as a gift

• Europe – the sailors will have a safe journey if sailors bring a black cat on the ship

Why Do Cats Have A Black Color?

Black cats have a dominant pigment that is needed to produce black fur; it has the gene for expressing eumelanin. A cat will usually get two copies of one gene from dad and from mom; if either of those codes for black fur, the kitten will get black coat.

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Wrapping It Up

black cat lying on bed

I hope that we cleared some black cat spiritual meaning and that we shed some positive light on those black-furred babies.

Black cats are usually connotated as bad luck, just like the number 13 is considered lucky in Judaism and unlucky in Christianity. Or, smashed mirrors were considered bad luck to the Romans, while plate smashing invoked good luck in Greece. That’s why there are always good and bad sides to everything.

No matter what, cats were important crew members on ships, and after a long period of time, they became domestic cats that any family wanted in their households. For example, a Bombay cat with blue eyes is a very common pet in America.

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