Best Whisker Fatigue Bowls

best whisker fatigue cat bowls

Whisker fatigue happens when your cat’s whiskers have become stressed due to overuse and constant stimulation. Besides making your kitty uncomfortable, it can cause some strange and unwanted behaviors like aggression, food avoidance, or tipping over the food bowl to eat off the floor. 

So what’s the most common cause of whisker fatigue?

Regular eating and drinking in food or water bowls that force your cat’s whiskers to come in constant contact with the edges of the bowl. 

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best food and water bowls for cats to avoid whisker fatigue and give your cat’s whiskers some relief!

How We Selected The Best Whisker Relief Cat Bowls

We’ve reviewed every whisker friendly cat bowl on the market (that we could find) and we also reviewed dozens of other cat bowls.


Because some cat bowls are actually whisker friendly even if that’s not their main marketing point. 

We’ve considered which bowls will work best for dry kibble, water, and wet food. We also want to make sure the bowls we select (as always) are made from safe material like quality steel or BPA free plastic. 

Messy Eaters and Whisker Relief Bowls

The majority of whisker relief cat bowls have a small rim. This is, of course, intentional since it decreases the amount of contact whiskers can make with the bowl. However, this does lead to one common problem: messy cats can more easily push food out of the bowl and onto the floor. 

That’s why we suggest cat owners consider picking up a feeding mat for their cats. The best budget and quality comes from Amazon (no surprise there). This feeding mat comes in a variety of colors, is easy to clean, and has ridges to keep food on the mat and offer the floor. You can check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here. 

Best Whisker Friendly Food Bowls

I’ve picked out three of the best food bowls for whisker relief. While you could put water in many of these, the capacity would be a bit low.

Best Overall: CatGuru Whisker Relief Cat Bowl

CatGuru whisker relief cat food bowl

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  • Made of clean looking surgical grade stainless steel
  • Ridges inside the bowl decrease the amount of food spillage
  • Easy to elevate the bowl with the related food table from the same company
  • More than 1,000 five star reviews from other cat owners
  • Great price when compared to other whisker friendly food bowls


  • Still shallow and some messy eaters will still make a mess 

My number one pick for a whisker friendly food bowl is the CatGuru Whisker Wide Cat Dish. This product is very comparable to the popular Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief bowls that you’ve probably seen if you’ve done any research. 

But here’s why we like CatGuru’s version much better: not only is this bowl designed to provide whisker fatigue relief but also decrease the messiness of food time for less cost than the Dr. Catsby option. 

While the Dr. Catsby bowl features a smooth interior (where the food actually goes) the CatGuru bowl has subtle but effective ridges that prevent food from being easily pushed around. 

While this might not prevent a really messy eater, it does address the biggest problem with the typical whisker relief bowl: the mess!

And I have to say the ridges are pretty darn effective at keeping dry kibble in the bowl. 

You’ll also notice that some of the images feature a small stand for the bowl to be elevated. We love this addition and CatGuru makes a “food table” specially designed for their whisker relief bowl. 

Why elevate your cat’s bowl? We plan on creating an entire article on that in the future but the short version is that an elevated food bowl can make it more comfortable for your cat to eat AND prevent digestive issues (like vomiting) in some cats. 

You can check out the CatGuru food table on Amazon. 

Cat Guru Plastic Alternative

catguru whisker friendly cat food bowl plastic version

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I wanted to sneak this one in, as a less expensive plastic option available to you from the CatGuru brand. Their BPA free hard plastic food bowls have all the features of the stainless steel version at a fraction of the price. 

At the time of writing this, they actually had a great deal on two bowls so you could share one with a friend or create multiple feeding stations for a multi-cat household. 


  • All the pros of the stainless steel version at a deeply discounted price
  • Different colors available as compared to the stainless steel version


  • The bowl weighs almost 4 ounces less than the stainless steel version which means some kitties will have an easy tip pushing it around or flipping it over. 


The Runner Up: Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowls for Whisker Relief

dr catsby whisker relief cat bowl

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  • The biggest name in the whisker relief market


  • Higher priced than our number one selection

The biggest name in the whisker friendly cat bowl market is Dr. Catsby. This company seems to make one thing and one thing only: whisker relief cat bowls. 

They make both a food and water bowl and feature a very clean looking stainless steel design. It also comes with a black silicone mat that helps keep the bowl in place. This is a quality product and the actual bowl is made from food service grade stainless steel that will also help prevent bacteria growth. The shape is clearly designed to prevent whisper fatigue as the bowl is quite shallow and wide allowing your kitty to eat without making contact with the bowl.  

The only downside? 

Most cats will end up making a mess of their food

Depending on the eating habits of your cat this bowl could lead to quite a mess. There’s very little rim to the bowl (which is the whole point) but this means that kibble can easily fall out. The same happens with wet food. 

Again, some of this will depend on your cat but we recommend you pick up pet food mat to keep kibble and water off the floor. 

Best On A Budget: Lorde Cat Bowl for Relief Of Whisker Fatigue

whisker relief cat bowls matching

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  • The price for quality is tough to beat
  • Cute design
  • High rims mean less food spillage


  • High rims also mean some contact with your cat’s whiskers. Still these bowls find a good balance.

If you’re looking for a balance of budget, value and whisker relief it’s hard to go wrong with this option from Lorde. Coming in at almost half the price of some of the other options on the list, you get BOTH a food and water bowl. 

These whisker friendly bowls are also made of BPA free plastic and are easy to clean. They’ve got a great rating at the time of writing this with a pile of five star reviews on Amazon. 

While plastic is overall not as preferred as stainless steel for feeding your cats, this is still a great budget option for providing whisker fatigue relief. 


What To Avoid: Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection

It might be tempting to pick up a bowl like the one from Kitty City. You can get two elevated bowls (food and water) for half the price of quality stainless steel. These bowls even have great reviews on Amazon…

But there’s one big problem! 

They’re NOT BPA-free and BPA in plastic can be a big problem for cats.

So while it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, keep in mind you get what you pay for and you wouldn’t want to trade one problem for another! 

Best Whisker Friendly Water Bowls

Now it’s time to take a look at the best whisker relief water bowls!

Let’s get into it!

Best Overall: Dr. Catsby Whisker Friendly Water Bowl

Dr. Catsby whisker relief water bowl

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  • High-quality stainless steel is the best material for your cat
  • Money-back guarantee from the Dr. Catsby brand


  • More expensive than other options but the quality may be worth it for you and your cat

Our number one pick for a whisker friendly water bowl is Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Water Bowl. We weren’t able to find a stainless steel option from CatGuru (see the runner up) and if you’re looking for the best of the best stainless steel is the way to go. 

Much like the food bowl, this simple, clean and high-quality stainless steel bowl is absolutely great! 

The Runner Up:CatGuru Whisker Friendly Water Bowl

catguru whisker friendly water bowl

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  • Cute design, especially compared to many whisker relief bowls
  • Solid brand behind the product


  • Not stainless steel which is the gold standard for cat bowls

Our runner up is the plastic (and BPA free) entry from CatGuru. This bowl has a cute and clean design (with little cat ears) while maintaining the right shape to prevent and mitigate whisker fatigue. 

The plastic material means you can get this water bowl at a lower price compared to our number one pick. 


Best On A Budget: Lorde Cat Bowl for Relief Of Whisker Fatigue

whisker relief cat bowls matching

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  • The price for quality is tough to beat
  • Cute design
  • High rims mean less food spillage


  • High rims also mean some contact with your cat’s whiskers. Still, these bowls find a good balance.

Our best on a budget for water is the same for food! We recommend the Lorde food and water bowl combo if you’re looking for the balance of whisker relief and budget! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whisker fatigue is one of those subjects that can leave cat owners with a lot of questions. Most cat owners have never even thought of it so the fact that you’re actively looking for the best food and water bowls for cats to avoid whisker fatigue puts you in an elite group of cat owners! 

Still, we wanted to take some time and answer some of the most common questions we get about whisker fatigue. Check it out!

Q: Is whisker stress the same thing as whisker fatigue?

Yep, these terms both describe the same thing. We honestly think that Whisker Stress is a better description of the condition but the most popular term is whisker fatigue. 

Whisker fatigue makes it sound like the whiskers aren’t working when in reality its the fact that the whiskers are working too much! Most people equate the word stress to being overworked which is why we prefer that term. 

Q: Does it hurt a cat to lose a whisker?

If the whisker falls out normally (which is completely normal) then no it’s not particularly painful. However, if you someone were to remove a whiske by pulling it would absolutely be painful and uncomfortable for your cat. 

Q: Should I avoid touching my cat’s whiskers?

You don’t need to do anything special to avoid touching your cats whiskers. In most cases, your cat has complete control over whether or not they want their whiskers to interact with the world so they’re able to manage this on their own. 

The big problem arises when they have to choose between whisper stimulation and eventually stress or food. So while your cat probably doesn’t want you to pet their whiskers every day, you don’t need to do anything special to avoid touching them.

Q: Would cutting my cat’s whiskers help? 

No! Don’t ever cut your cat’s whiskers! We’ve heard from several cat owners who came with this idea to manage their cat’s whisker fatigue but your cat needs their whiskers! Removing your cats whiskers would be like taking away or greatly dulling one of your senses. Sure, you could still navigate in the world but if you lost your sense of touch, hearing or sight in an instant it would be stressful and scary!

Q: Why does my cat have one black whisker?

This isn’t unusual! The same way that humans can grow multiple colored hair with slight variations so can your cat with their whiskers. For another example, take a look at your cat’s feet (if they’ll let you). Many cats have different colored pads! For example, my cat Debbie has a mix of pink and black pads at the bottom of her feet! It’s very cute!

Q: Is whisker fatigue a real thing?

Absolutely! While some might think the idea of “tired whiskers” sounds far fetched the fact is whisker fatigue is a real problem that can negatively impact your cat’s behavior. Not only can it make your cat uncomfortable it can eventually affect their mood and appetite. 

Q: What does it mean when your cat loses whiskers?

Cat’s shed whiskers just like they shed hair so in most cases it’s a completely normal occurrence. Your cat may shed more (including whiskers) if they’re stressed. 

Q: Do cat whiskers have nerves?

Your cat’s whisker is jam-packed with nerves! The tip of your cat’s whisker also features a sensory organ known as a proprioceptor which helps your whiskers do all kinds of amazing things including sensing changes in air current from movement. 

Final Thoughts

That fact that you’re even considering picking up a whisker relief cat bowl puts you light years ahead of most cat owners! And even though your cat can’t say thanks, we’re pretty sure your kitty will show their appreciation in a hundred other ways! 

I hope this list of the best food and water bowls for cats to avoid whisker fatigue helped you find the perfect bowl! 

Logan M.

Logan has always loved everything about cats! Growing up with a family full of pets and a lifelong passion for animals he pursued work in the veterinary industry. After 10 years, he started to help cat owners learn more about their feline friends.

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