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Automatic Wet Cat Food Feeder With Refrigerator Review

Automatic Wet Cat Food Feeder With Refrigerator Review

Any cat parent knows well that their cat should have regular daily meals – just like us.

Your cat knows its routine and the expected time you’ll serve the food. If you’re not around at that time or it doesn’t see a food bowl when it’s supposed to, the cat will be surprised and even annoyed!

A regular and nutritious diet is essential for your cat’s health. However, for many of us who spend a lot of time working and away from home, particularly those living alone, it can be challenging to consistently provide fresh wet food throughout the day.

This is why automatic cat feeders are a great thing. They enable your cat to have some food whatever it needs to, without having you around.

Although automatic wet food feeders can come in very handy, they also have a downside. You can’t exactly leave the house for a couple of days and rely only on this feeder for your kitty.

There’s a chance that the food will go bad, meaning that you shouldn’t count on a weekend getaway without anyone checking on your cat.

This is the main reason why the newest product on the market, the Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder, is miraculous! It has a refrigerator built in that keeps the food fresh and prevents it from spoiling.

Let’s dive into a detailed review of this revolutionary device.

What Is The Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder?

calico cat standing next to the automatic wet feeder

While the automatic wet food feeders we’ve listed here are an amazing option, they lack one important feature: The refrigerator.

A couple of years ago, probably no one of us could imagine having a smart device that’s specialized to keep your cat’s food fresh.

Well, we live in a modern world and nothing seems to be impossible anymore!

The Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder enables you to feed your cat wet food without changing your schedule or coming home during your short work breaks.

All you have to do is plug it into the wall, fill the bowls, and choose feeding times in the application. The smart feeder maintains food at a cool 38-40°F and can serve up to six meals a day.

Using this automatic cat feeder will make you forget about your cat waking you up in the middle of the night and begging for food. You will spend both your working and free time outside of the house without worrying about whether your kitty is hungry.

How Was The Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder Developed?

The manufacturer points out that the idea of this product is a result of the wish to ensure cats receive fresh and hydrating meals. At the same time, they wanted every cat parent to manage their hectic work-life balance.

If a cat consumes food that offers poor hydration and low nutritional value, this can eventually lead to different health problems in it, including dangerous infections.

This automatic cat feeder with a refrigerator offers the exact solution to these problems. With this device, cat parents are able to work and explore the world around them without sacrificing their pets’ health.

The prototype of this device was developed in September 2022. From February to June 2023, the manufacturer engaged with the community and contacted manufacturers.

They set up the application In July 2023 and tested and received feedback from real pet owners. 

Production is planned for May 2024, while the manufacturer expects to start shipping in August this year.

What Are The Pros Of The Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder?

a gray cat sitting on a chair

The greatest thing about this product is that it keeps your kitty fed with quality food while you’re away.

Also, it saves your time and provides you with the certainty your cat is okay alone at home. Since it serves up to six meals a day, I believe this covers up any cat, even a large one like the Maine Coon!

The Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder stands out as the market’s first-of-its-kind product.

Sure, there’s a possibility to use an ice pack with the classic automatic cat feeder, but this solution only lasts a few hours. So, you’ll need to replace the ice packs often, meaning that you won’t manage to save any time.

This device has a thick insulation on the bottom and the top which keeps food below 40°F and prevents it from drying out.

It also features a secured lid that will stop your little curious feline friend from breaking in. The fan on this device is very quiet, meaning that it won’t scare out your cat. Plus, with less than 70 watts of power consumption, it’s energy-efficient.

I believe many of you expect a product like this to be heavy. Well, the truth is actually the opposite: It’s very lightweight and weighs only 10 lbs! The metal trays are detachable and easy to clean, adding to its convenience.

The complementary application is another amazing thing about the Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder. 

It sends a notification every time a meal is served and informs you about a power outage. Moreover, the app enables remote control of your pet’s feedings.

In the end, many cats struggle with health issues like obesity, diabetes, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Having fresh wet food at all times is especially important for them, which makes this automatic device an ideal choice for cats with any kind of health problems.

What Are The Cons Of The Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder?

This new device seems to be very promising and even life-saving for many cat owners.

At the same time, it isn’t without any flaws, just like any other product. It’s necessary to mention some potential downsides to get a realistic review of Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder.

An important thing missing, according to my opinion, is a movable door to cover the first meal. This is a nice thing to have at your disposal, especially if you want to avoid the risk of your cat overeating.

Many cat owners will find it risky to invest in a new product on the market that’s pretty expensive. This is likely a serious flaw for many of you. Seeing the price of $397 for an automatic cat feeder can be shocking.

Just to make a comparison: The PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, one of the Amazon best sellers, costs $42.69.

Despite its unparalleled efficiency compared to other products on the market, the high cost of the Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder might deter many potential buyers.

The Bottom Line

calico cat eating from an automatic wet feeder

Is the Happy Llama Tech’s Refrigerated Smart Feeder a revolutionary product?

In my opinion, it really is. I believe this is a life-changing product for many cat parents. Having a feline friend in your home brings a lot of joy, but also a serious commitment.

A cat needs to have nutritious and regular meals on a daily basis to stay healthy and happy. Some prospective cat owners may even give up on the idea of having a cat due to their hectic schedules.

This is why this smart feeder brings a significant shift. It allows you to stay out without worrying about whether your cat has eaten, whether it is hungry, is it time for a new meal, and so on.

The Happy Llama’s product keeps your cat’s food fresh. Even if you’re not out so much, with this feeder, you can forget about your kitty licking you at 5 AM and begging you to provide it with some food.

Of course, the high price of $397 may just scare out many cat owners. I understand that this is a lot of money, but I like to observe it from the standpoint of your cat’s long-term well-being.

By investing in such a product once, you’ll know your pet is eating quality and fresh food at all times. Having your free time at your disposal to do whatever you want is also a great bonus of this product!

Now, we’re all left to see what the future holds when this smart feeder starts shipping in August 2024. But, as much as I can say for now: It sure is a promising and revolutionary product!