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5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Pee

5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Pee

All cats show some kind of weird behavior, well, weird to us at least!

I have encountered this, and many of my friends did, too; Our cats seem to guard us while peeing.

I can say this is pretty weird and even funny; your cute little kitten sitting across from you watching you in one of those moments that should definitely be private.

What’s this about? Don’t worry, there are five good explanations why your cat would manifest this behavior.

Let’s look at each of them, as well as at possible solutions for this funny habit.

1. Showing Their Affection

the cat guards the woman in the bathroom while she pees

Some people might say that cats are not prone to growing close to humans. They think felines are independent and self-sufficient.

I strongly disagree, and I believe all cat parents are with me on this. Your cat does know how much you love her, and how much you care for her, and she certainly has the same amount of love for you!

They might not show this love in some common ways, so, they could exhibit some unusual behaviors – like, guarding you while you pee!

Yes, your cat following you to the bathroom and staying there until you’re done might be her way of showing affection to you.

Why do felines do this? Well, you go to the bathroom, close the door, and then you disappear for some time. 

This makes your cat curious and even nervous. She wants to make sure everything is okay in there, so she might just join you.

A weird way of showing love, but we are used to our kittens being odd in many situations, right?

How To Solve?

As soon as your cat shows this behavior for the first time, you should close the door and distract her from guarding you while you’re in the bathroom.

We are all thrilled to know our kittens love us back, but it’s important to set some boundaries and to keep your own privacy, at least to some extent.

I’m sure no one wants to have any company while using the toilet!

2. Liking The Bathroom

Your bathroom might actually be a nice place for your cat to spend time.

Felines love moving water, and that’s why many of them will have fun playing around faucets. Also, bathrooms are usually warm, and have a sink and a bathtub that make great places for your kitten to snuggle in!

Furthermore, if you’re in there – this is all your cat needs; a nice, warm place to nap or to play, and to spend time with her favorite person.

How To Solve?

Here it would be a good idea to make your cat feel comfortable in some other room inside your home.

For example, you can try putting your cat’s food and water bowls in the laundry room. Wait to see how she reacts. Also, you can try putting a blanket, pillow, and some of her toys in this room, too.

Do your best to make your bathroom less attractive for your kitten!

3. Keeping The Territory Safe

a persian cat is playing with a ball

We all know how territorial cats can be. Many of them will choose an area inside the home, and mark it as their own. According to Claude Beata [1], they do this by letting their facial pheromones and by rubbing their faces on it.

If your cat’s litter box is in the bathroom – this is also a potential reason why she marks this area as her territory.

Maybe your cat has marked the bathroom as her area – this is the reason why she guards you while you pee.

If she could speak, she would probably tell you never to close the door of this room in your home, since this is her territory!

How To Solve?

You should try distracting your territorial cat.

Whenever she starts moving towards the bathroom, give her some toy, or start cuddling her. Don’t even let her get inside this room!

Dealing with territorial cats might be tricky, so you should do your best to nip this behavior in the bud.

4. Attention Seeking

Your kitten might also just be bored and is seeking attention from you.

Maybe you have been overly busy lately, and you haven’t had much time to spend with her. She misses your playtime and seeks some new activities. 

This could sound harmless, but many cats will also show some destructive behaviors, such as scratching the wall.

It’s not good for cats to get bored; they need both mental and physical stimulation to be happy, especially those felines that are highly energetic and active.

How To Solve?

Make sure your cat isn’t bored; spend as much time as you can with her, provide her with interactive toys, as well as with nice cat trees, and scratching posts.

If she’s stimulated enough, she will be less likely to show attention seeking behavior.

5. Doesn’t Want To Be Separated From You

cats are walking around the bathroom while the woman is on a cup

Your cat guarding you while you pee might also mean that she doesn’t want to be separated from you.

So adorable, right? Well, it could be, for the first couple of times, but, if this grows to be a habit for your kitten, you might be having a problem.

This probably means your cat is scared or anxious, and that she doesn’t feel safe being away from you for a single moment.

VCA Animal Hospitals suggests how many different triggers can cause fear in cats, such as new situations in their lives, other animals, interaction with people outside their family, etc.

If your cat shows signs of severe separation anxiety and isn’t able to be alone, not even for a short period of time, it’s time you consult your veterinarian.

How To Solve?

You should try to figure out what is scaring your cat so much. Even things that look funny to us might be a fear trigger for felines, such as the balloons.

If you don’t have the fortune to solve this issue on your own, you should ask your veterinarian for advice on how to treat your cat’s fear.


Your cat guarding you when you pee might seem like their charming way of showing affection. Yes, for the first time, but, if this becomes a long-term thing, you’ll never have any privacy, at all!

So, you should try to discourage this behavior. To do this, you should first determine what is the explanation behind your cat’s need to guard you in your private moments.

If you have any doubts this could be related to your cat’s health, please consult the vet as soon as possible.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll soon have your own time in the bathroom, without your cat watching you and waiting for you to be done!

[1] Beata, C., 2005. Territoriality, sociality. Updating cat’s behavior. Proceedings of 30th World Congress. World Small Animal Veterinary Association, May 11-14, 2005, Mexico City, DOI, Retrieved May 17, 2023.

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