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Is It Possible That Prednisone Killed My Cat?

Is It Possible That Prednisone Killed My Cat?

Prednisone is a corticosteroid that is used to treat various conditions in cats, such as allergies, skin inflammation, intestinal diseases, respiratory issues, etc.

This corticosteroid has anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be given to cats in different forms, such as tablets, liquid solutions, and injections. The veterinarian recommends the dose of the drug depending on the cat’s health condition, age, and weight.

You certainly know that every drug can potentially cause side effects. Prednisone can help one cat feel better, while it can cause serious consequences in others. Unfortunately, even a fatal outcome can happen.

So, is it possible that Prednisone can actually kill a cat?

It’s necessary to look at this problem from different angles, so let’s get to the point.

Could Prednisone Really Kill A Cat?

vet holding a prednisone injection for a cat

Every medicine has a purpose to relieve the patient’s symptoms of the disease and improve the quality of life.

So, could a medicine like Prednisone kill a cat? If you’re strictly following your vet’s guide for giving the medicine to your cat, there shouldn’t be a problem.

However, there are some situations where Prednisone use can actually lead to a cat’s death.

Let’s take a look at them

1. If The Cat Has Used The Drug For Too Long

Pink tablets of prednisolone spilled out from white plastic bottle on white background.

Just like humans, cats in some situations will need to take a certain drug to get better.

But, if a cat has used Prednisone for too long, this could actually lead to her death. How could this happen?

Well, when a cat uses a drug for a longer period of time, this can significantly weaken her immune system and make her more susceptible to various infections.

Combined with an existing medical condition the cat is dealing with, this could lead to a fatal outcome.

2. Excessive Use Of The Drug

Your vet will prescribe a recommended dose of any drug you need to give your cat.

If your cat receives more Prednisone than it was recommended, this can have serious consequences. In some cases, a cat could even die.

3. Chronic Issues In Cats

Prednisone shouldn’t be used on cats with chronic kidney disease, heart disease, or liver issues. 

This drug can put additional stress on the already damaged cat’s organs, which can lead to further complications and even death in some cats.

What Are The Risks Factors For Prednisone Use In Cats?

Woman giving pill to cute cat indoors

Prednisone should be given with caution to younger cats, since their bodies are still developing, and this medicine could stunt their growth.

It also shouldn’t be used on cats that are allergic to this drug.

Cats with diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure are also in the risk group and it would probably be better for them to get a different type of medicine.

Pregnant cats, as well as lactating cats, also shouldn’t use Prednisone.

In any case, your veterinarian should be the only person to advise you to (not) give Prednisone to your cat.

Prednisone Side Effects

Cat drinks clean water from water dispenser.

VCA Animal Hospitals explains how there are some common potential side effects of Prednisone use in cats, such as:

•  Increased drinking

•  Increased urination

•  Increased appetite

•  Vomiting

•  Diarrhea

•  Panting

Still, there’s also the possibility of more severe side effects, which are especially possible in the case of overdose or long-term use of Prednisone in a cat, such as high fever, aggressive behavior, bloody vomit, or bloody stool. Learn more about bloody stool in our cat poop color chart.

Is Prednisone Toxic For Cats?

Grey cat on intravenous infusion suffers from pain on table

Prednisone should be safe for cats; The most important thing here is to strictly follow your vet’s instructions for medication dosage.

However, in some cases, Prednisone can be toxic for felines. This could happen if the cat gets too much of the medicine.

Sometimes, your cat might have gastrointestinal problems after using this medicine. This doesn’t immediately have to mean that Prednisone is toxic for her, but that she’s just having a bad reaction to it.

Barbara Forney advises cat parents to give this medicine with food to reduce the chances of stomach irritation in their pets.

Should You Stop Giving Prednisone To Your Cat On Your Own?

You’ve noticed certain side effects in your cat, and now you’re thinking to stop giving her this medicine, without consulting the veterinarian?

This isn’t a good idea; You shouldn’t abruptly stop giving Prednisone to your kitten. 

First of all, this will cause the underlying condition this medicine was supposed to cure in the first place to get worse. 

Also, when you stop giving this drug to your cat all of a sudden, the cortisol level in her body will drop, causing symptoms such as loss of appetite or lethargy in your cat.

What should you do then? 

You should consult your vet to see what would be the best thing to do.  You shouldn’t decide on giving or stopping giving certain medicine to your cat without talking to her doctor beforehand.

Should Prednisone Be Used With Other Medications?

Prednisone Rx medicine pills in plactic vial with tablets

Sometimes a medicine itself doesn’t have to be dangerous for a cat, but, combined with some other drugs can cause bad consequences.

According to Wendy Brooks, Prednisone shouldn’t be given to cats that are taking medicines such as Carprofen or Aspirin.

Combining Prednisone with these drugs could cause bleeding in the cat’s intestine or stomach.

Closing The Case

Is it possible that Prednisone killed my cat?

Unfortunately, yes. Although this medicine is generally supposed to be safe for felines, there are some deviations, such as the case of overdose, sudden stopping the use of this medicine, or using it on cats with severe health conditions.

Just like with any other medicine, Prednisone should only be used if the veterinarian approves it. Also, you should follow his instructions about the dosage, and not skip to give the drug to your cat.

Side effects are possible here, just like with any other drug. A fatal outcome as a consequence of using Prednisone in cats isn’t so likely, but is still possible.

For any other questions and doubts, please contact your veterinarian.

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