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9 Ways To Make Your Cat Smell Better

9 Ways To Make Your Cat Smell Better

Cats smelling bad? This isn’t exactly something that’s usually associated with felines. Quite the contrary, actually, since they’re known for being spotlessly clean.

I’ve encountered some people wanting to get a cat, but a bit afraid that their house could smell bad.

The truth is that cats are exceptional groomers and their coats always look nice and shiny. However, they’re still animals and some odor is still expected to occur.

But, this shouldn’t be the reason preventing you from having the best possible furry companion!

Also, there are some ways to prevent the bad odor. If you’re asking yourself: How can I make my cat smell better?, this is a text for you.

The following are the nine ways to make your cat smell fresh and clean.

1. Take Care Of The Litter Box

Woman cleaning litter box

If your cat suddenly started smelling bad, this could be associated with its litter box habits.

Allowing the litter box to become dirty not only makes your cat stink but can also affect the entire room or even your entire house.

Cats are crazy about cleanliness and will even refuse to use the litter box in case it isn’t as clean as they would like it to be. Most of them will use some other place in the house to defecate, which can make a mess both in the house and on their furs.

So, when you notice your cat doesn’t smell as good as it used to, the first thing you should check is its litter box.

You should clean the litter box twice a day and scoop out and dispose of the waste outside your home.

Also, it’s necessary to replace the litter once a week. Furthermore, another thing to keep in mind is to keep the box clean, too. Every time you change the litter you should also wash the box. Use hot water and wild soap while doing this.

Never use harsh chemicals since cats have a sensitive sense of smell and any intense odor can also prevent them from using their litter box.

2. Help With Grooming

Helping your cat with grooming probably isn’t something you expect you should do.

All cats are good groomers. According to Hill’s Pet, they approximately spend between 30 and 50 percent of their day grooming themselves.

This is why most cats have such nice and shiny coats. However, there are some situations where cats become disabled from taking such good care of their coats.

For instance, obese cats have a hard time reaching all parts of their bodies. Also, older cats are less mobile and less capable of grooming. Felines with painful joints are also likely to be able to properly groom themselves.

When a cat isn’t grooming itself successfully, its fur becomes greasy and unkempt and starts smelling bad.

This is why you may need to help your feline friend groom itself. You should brush its coat more frequently.

If you used to do this once a week or once in 10 days, it’s time you start doing it even daily. 

3. Specific Diet

cat eating food

Nutrition is important for your cat’s health in general and can also be a reason for your cat’s smelly poop and urine.

A low-quality diet can make your cat’s feces smell really bad. Also, if your cat eats dry food exclusively, this can result in concentrated urine, which is unpleasant for your kitty and can worsen its pee smell.

The food you give your cat should be high-quality and high in protein. We have listed the best cat food for smelly poop, so reading this article can be beneficial for your cat to smell better.

Also, you can always consult your veterinarian on the best type of food for your feline friend.

4. Sterilization

Intact male cats spray to communicate with female cats in heat in their vicinity and to attract them to mate.

Their urine is likely to have a specific smell. Manitou Animal Hospital describes it as a pungent, ammonia-like smell that not only comes from urine but also from a male cat’s skin.

Neutering your cat will remove the intense smell from his discharge and make your cat smell better.

Also, neutered males are less likely to run away from home and get into fights with other cats. Most importantly, neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and decreases the possibility of prostate disease.

5. Wash Your Cat’s Bedding

Kitten in a bed

Similar to how we regularly wash our bedding, it’s essential to do the same for our cats.

Of course, you don’t have to do it as frequently as you do with your bedding. Once a month should be enough, but you can figure this out down the road.

Just make sure you regularly wash your cat’s bed, blanket, and pillow, since this is likely the spot it spends a good deal of time in.

Taking care of the cleanliness of your cat’s place for sleep means ensuring your cat smells nice and clean, too.

6. Brush Your Cat’s Teeth Regularly

It’s possible for your cat to have a bad breath, giving on to an overall not so great smell coming from it.

The best cure and prevention here is brushing your cat’s teeth regularly. Three times a week it’s considered to be a minimum to maintain your cat’s teeth in a good condition.

Regular teeth brushing not only prevents bad smell in your cat, but also removes plaque and prevents tartar accumulation.

Taking care of your cat’s teeth should be a standard practice and a regular part of its care routine.

7. Use Cat Wipes

Woman using cat wipes

Another great thing to keep your cat clean and fresh are cat wipes.

This is a pet-friendly product completely safe for your cat’s delicate skin. Of course, you should only use wipes specially designed for felines. Not even baby wipes are safe to use on your kitty.

According to International Veterinary Sciences, cat-cleaning wipes can be used to wipe ears, paws, tears, mouth, and to clean your cat after going to the toilet.

This is an easy way to keep your cat tidy and smelling good.

8. Use Waterless Shampoo

Cats don’t really need baths. In fact, frequent baths can disrupt the natural oils in their coat, leaving it looking dull and dry. And do I have to emphasize how cats really don’t like water?

Still, I understand that you’re thinking of bathing your cat to make it smell better.

Luckily, there is another option besides the standard washing that includes frequent shampoo – waterless shampoo.

By using this shampoo, you’ll be able to clean your cat, reduce odors, and control shedding and dander. At the same time, you won’t have to force your cat to get into a bathtub and you won’t risk disturbing the natural oils in its coat.

Of course, you should only use a shampoo formulated for cats. Never use a product made for humans or even for dogs.

9. Preventive Health Care

woman vet and cat

Finally, and definitely not less importantly, preventive health care is crucial to ensure your cat smells good.

This means you should take your cat for regular vet checkups, even if nothing seems to be wrong with it.

A bad smell can be associated with different medical conditions, such as skin infections, ear problems, or dental diseases.

Even if your veterinarian discovers a certain medical condition in your pet, you’ll be at peace knowing you found out about it on time.

The sooner your cat gets diagnosed, the bigger its chances for a full and fast recovery.

The Bottom Line

How can I make my cat smell better?

Cats usually don’t smell bad and all of you certainly witness your cat’s grooming habits on a daily basis.

Still, certain circumstances can cause a rather bad smell in your pet.

To prevent this, you should ensure your cat’s surroundings are always spotlessly clean. This includes its bedding, toys, water, and food bowls, and, especially, its litter box.

In case you have a senior cat or your cat has mobility issues, you should help it with grooming. This way, its fur will still look nice and shiny, despite its decreased ability of grooming.

A high-quality diet will decrease the bad smell of your cat’s urine and feces. Sterilization is also helpful for removing the intense smell of your cat’s urine.

Although cats shouldn’t be bathed often, you can still use alternatives like baby wipes and waterless shampoo.

Finally, and most important of all, you should take your cat for regular checkups to ensure the bad smell isn’t caused by an underlying medical condition.