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7 Best Cat Proof Curtains

7 Best Cat Proof Curtains may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

Even though I love my cats, I don’t always love their interior design preferences. Whether that’s insisting that the fur stays on the couch or that all water bowls should have cat toys in them, our feline friends can make some interesting design choices.

Especially when it comes to curtains where it seems that cats are most passionate about “engaging” with your design choices by scratching, climbing, and playing.

So what can you do…are there cat proof curtains available?

Yes! Not only can you find options that look great but they’ll also be safe in your home even with multiple cats.

The best cat proof curtains are made from material that can hold up to scratching and prevent our feline friends from really digging their claws in, this usually means microfiber or velvet fabrics but there are a few others that can work well too.

They should also be durable enough that when accidents do happen (and they will) the curtains aren’t destroyed.

We’re going to go into detail on everything you need to look for but if you just want to skip ahead and see what made the list you can check it out here:

  1. Best Microfiber Curtains: Nicetown Triple Pass Insulated Microfiber Curtains
  2. Best Cat Proof Velvet Curtains: RYB Luxury Velvet Curtains
  3. Best Indoor/Outdoor Curtains: Home Curtains Polyester Curtains
  4. Best Cat Proof Insulated Blackout Curtains: BONZER 100% Velvet Blackout Curtains
  5. Blackout Curtain Runner Up: Nicetown 100% Blackout Curtain Panels
  6. Best Printed Curtains: Anjee Foil Print Diamond Pattern Microfiber Curtains
  7. Best on a Budget: ECLIPSE Microfiber Insulated Single Panel Curtain

Let’s get into it!

Material Is What Matters In Cat Proof Curtains

Of course, you want your curtain to look good and match your home but I’ll leave those decisions up to you.

When it comes to making curtains cat proof, what really matters is picking the right material.

Scratching and climbing are hardwired into our cats and there’s not much that’s going to magically transform millions of years of instinct overnight. In other words, cats will scratch and they’ll almost always be tempted by curtains.

The first step to managing this temptation is picking out fabrics that don’t give much scratching satisfaction and will be more difficult to climb. Let’s look at a few of your best fabric options for pulling this off.


Microfiber is one of the best fabrics for a home with any type of pet, including cats. It’s considered a low-pile fabric which means that it has a very short or sheared-down surface. The experts at House Beautiful explain that “Low-pile fabrics are best for preventing odors since there’s less material to trap odors in the first place.”

Not only is that great for cats but also a plus for homes with multiple pets or young children.

However, more importantly, House Beautiful goes on to say, “They’re often very tightly woven, which makes them easy to clean and nearly claw-proof as well.” A big reason that cats can wreck most curtains so easily is that their claws can get between the fibers of the fabric…and you know what happens next.

Being able to latch on to fabrics is part of what makes scratching satisfying to cats in the first place. After all, there’s a reason cats choose to scratch couches and curtains instead of the smooth wall or tile floor.

Densely woven fibers, like microfiber, make it difficult for cats to really sink their claws in which means scratching these types of fabrics is less satisfying. That’s the whole point here and ideally, these cats will move on to scratch something else like a scratching post.

As if all that wasn’t enough, microfiber is affordable, easy-to-clean, and highly stain resistant. Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with microfiber and we’ll have several curtains on this list that use this durable and versatile fabric.

The only downside?

Some microfiber blends will seem to attract cat hair and you may find part of your feline friend’s coat sticking to your curtains. While there are several ways to reduce cat shedding and manage this, it’s honestly just part of having cats. A quick lint roller or even just your hand will easily remove the fur and it’s still better than having it float around the rest of the house!


Velvet is another low-pile and densely woven fabric that’s great for feline-friendly households. It may attract a bit more hair than microfiber but it’s still stain and claw-resistant

Velvet also has an elegant look that you can’t help but associate with royalty.  Velvet also has a thicker, heavier look that can not only add a more formal style to your space but may also do a better job of blocking out the sun.

You can find both natural and synthetic velvet and while the natural options may need a little upkeep they’re still great for cat proof curtains.


Sunbrella is a heavy-duty type of fabric made from solution-dried acrylic. It’s typically associated with outdoor furniture but there are and more couches and curtains being made from this durable material.

The experts at The Cover Guy explain how Sunbrella acrylic fabric is fade resistant, water and mold resistant, and easy to clean – which makes it a perfect choice for families with children and pets.


Canvas may not have the same luxurious feel as velvet or even microfiber but this durable material can be a great choice when it comes to cat proof curtains.

Canvas has a tight weave with no loops for cats to catch onto so like out other options it can work to deter cats.

Other Synthetic Fabrics

There are several other synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon that can make a great option for curtains as long as the weave is tight enough. We’ll throw in a couple of these options but with the fabric options above, we’ve already got dozens and dozens of cat-friendly curtain options to pick from.

How To Set Cats Up For Success Around Curtains

Picking up some quality cat proof curtains will go a long way to protecting your home and your curtains but they aren’t a solution on their own. Let’s quickly look at a few other things to consider when it comes to setting your feline friend up for success.

Cat Still Need To Scratch and Climb

No matter what curtains you get, cats will still need to scratch and climb.

Scratching is such a powerful instinct that even declawed cats still need and will happily use scratching posts.

That means we need to set our cats up for success by giving them an appropriate place to scratch instead of the curtains, usually cat trees and scratching posts.

Cat expert Jackson Galaxy describes this balance as “catifying” and you can learn more about the bigger picture of creating a cat-friendly home here:

Cat trees and scratching posts are already appealing to cats and when they see just how unsatisfying it is to scratch your new cat proof curtains they’ll quickly turn to scratch their favorite cat tree.

But if you don’t have a cat tree or other scratching area, then you’re going to end up with a frustrated cat and a feline that’s determined to climb something. That’s why catifying your home is part of an overall strategy to protecting not only your curtains but your entire living space.

We’ve got a ton of articles on finding the best cat tree or scratching post but if you’re looking for a good all around option I usually recommend this 36-inch cat tree from Yaheetech which you can see here. It’s tall enough to be interesting to cats but so much so that it overpowers a room along with being easy on the budget.

Keep Claws Trimmed To Protect Curtains

Trimming your cat’s claws is a regular part of being a responsible cat parent. Even though many cats do a good job of keeping their nails under control, they sometimes need a little help to prevent problems like ingrown nails.

But when it comes to protecting curtains, regular nail trimming can go a long way!

While dense, low-pile fabrics are claw-resistant they’ll still have some trouble resisting claws that are sharp as razor blades!

Trimming your cat’s claws every couple of weeks can make a massive difference and helps these cat proof curtains resist claws.

Make Any Curtains Cat-Proof With Nail Caps

Maybe you’re not a fan of any options on this list.

Or you’re up for something that doesn’t require you to change out all your window treatments.

It may be worth checking out nail caps!

These cute, colorful and budget-friendly vinyl caps fit on the end of your cat’s claws and prevent scratching to furniture, curtains, carpet, or people. They’re one of the more popular and preferred alternatives to declawing and they don’t hinder or harm cats in any way.

That doesn’t mean it won’t take some getting used to for your cat and there will be a learning curve for both of you, but once you’re used to the process it can be a relatively easy way to effectively cat proof everything in your house.

You can learn more about these and check out today’s price on a pack of 40 by clicking here to go to Amazon.

Should I Use Deterrents?

Once you’ve set your cat up for success by “catifying” your home and giving them appropriate places to scratch and climb you can begin to consider deterrents. These are things like automatic sprays, sticky tape near curtains, and similar strategies that make curtains even more unappealing.

Some folks even suggest purposely setting up curtains with a loose tension rod to allow curtains (and the rod) to follow on cats which is not something I can recommend due to the potential risks to your cat. While curtains are soft, tension rods aren’t. Not to mention the risk of falling.

However, a deterrent shouldn’t be needed in most cases. Remember, we’re selecting material that’s difficult for cats to get their claws into in the first place so simply selecting the right curtain fabric should act as a deterrent all on its own.

Still, if your cat still insists on climbing curtains, most of the furniture scratching deterrents described in this article will work for curtains too.

What About Curtain Rods?

It’s worth emphasizing that 99% of the time curtains will not come with rods. That means you need to either have your own already set up or pick them up when you order the curtains.

Selecting the perfect rods could be an entire article all its own but we’ll keep things simple here. You’ve got two basic choices: tension rods that fit inside the window frame without screws and rods that are placed on a mount that’s drilled into the wall above the window.

Both can work with most curtains on this list but if you’re going for heavier options make sure the curtain rods you pick can support it.

If you want to save time I usually recommend Briofox’s tension rods which can see here. These are easy on the budget, come in various sizes, and have 11,000 five-star reviews backing them up on Amazon so it’s hard to go wrong with these. They can also support up to 30 pounds.

For a sturdier drilled-in mount, check out this option from Kenney on Amazon. Again, these are easy on the budget, backed by a massive amount of reviews and sturdy enough to handle just about any curtain you go with.

Best Cat Proof Curtains

With all the background information out of the way, it’s time to dig into our favorite cat proof curtains starting with our best overall pick!

Best Microfiber Curtains: Nicetown Triple Pass Insulated Microfiber Curtains

It’s hard to go wrong with this set of curtains from Nicetown. To start with, they’re made of densely woven microfiber which we’ve already seen can not only resist claws but also stains. It’s also easy to keep clean with a light lint rolling to remove any stray cat hair.

If these curtains do get dirty, you can simply toss them into the wash and call it day!

These are thicker than most other microfiber options out there and as a result, they’re also considered insulated and noise-reducing curtains. You might be surprised by just how much outside noise can be dampened by curtains alone.

Even though these are thick and will block out light, they aren’t considered blackout curtains so if you’re looking for complete darkness check out the other curtains on this list.

You’ve also got 29 color options to choose from so you should be able to find something that matches your space.

Then there are the more than 57,000 five-star reviews on Amazon which is honestly a little mind-blowing so I’m clearly not the only cat parent that’s happy with these.

You can read those reviews and check out all the color options on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: These curtains aren’t specialized in any particular aspect and instead they’re excellent all-around options. They’ve packed in a little bit of everything that you could want in cat proof curtains.

What I Wish They Had: Even though 29 color options is awesome, I’d love to see some patterns just to mix things up.

Best Cat Proof Velvet Curtains: RYB Luxury Velvet Curtains

How can you beat the clean, elegant look of velvet curtains?

You can’t!

While they may not work for every room, for many spaces velvet is absolutely perfect and brings a graceful look to any living area. Velvet is also one of the best materials for making curtains cat proof and these tightly woven velvet curtains from RYB are great at resisting cat claws, pet hair, and stains.

While some velvet can be difficult to maintain, that’s typically only true for natural velvet. These are made from synthetic velvet which means they’re much easier to maintain and can easily be tossed into the washing machine for a clean-up.

These aren’t blackout curtains but the thick velvet does a great job of reducing light exposure and minimizing outside noise.

Remember that like most curtains, the rod comes separately so make sure you factor that into your decision. You can see all 11 color options along with today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: I love the color choices from these curtains! They’re rich and bold without being overpowering and they’ve perfectly matched the colors to the elegant style of velvet fabric. I know that might not make perfect sense but just look at the colors and you’ll see what I mean!

What I Wish They Had: I’d love to see more sizing options from RYB. These are 84 inches in length and RYB has curtains in all lengths but it can be tricky to track them down. As it stands, if you need a different length you’ll need to sort through their store.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Curtains: Home Curtains Polyester Curtains

  • 16 colors to pick from
  • Thick polyester similar to sunbrella or canvas fabrics
  • Heavy-duty construction built for indoor or outdoor use

In most cases, you probably need cat proof curtains for the indoors. However, if you’ve got a mudroom or similar hybrid space you may want a heavy-duty curtain. Not only will you need something that can stand up to the weather but you also want something that matches the space and flowing velvet curtains would certainly look strange in a mudroom.

That’s where these heavy-duty curtains from the appropriately named Home Curtains come in. These are made from tightly woven polyester that has a similar texture to durable sunbrella or canvas fabrics. That means cat claws won’t be able to lock into this material. This design also makes these curtains water repellent and mildew resistant.

Think of it as a much more stylish shower curtain for your windows and even though these are designed for mixed-use, these can still look great indoors. With 16 color options to choose from, you can also find the right curtains for your space.

When it comes to filtering light, these aren’t going to do a whole lot. At least compared to our microfiber and velvet options. They won’t get close to blackout at all but they will filter out some light to at least manage the temperature.

Again, you won’t find rods with these curtains, which is completely normal, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

You can check out all the colors along with the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: These curtains are not only cat proof but they may be bombproof as well! They’re heavy-duty, water-resistant, and mildew resistant which makes them perfect for almost any situation. They also have a lot more style than you might expect from an indoor/outdoor option.

What I Wish They Had: I’d love to see a little more light-blocking power out of these curtains.

Best Cat Proof Insulated Blackout Curtains: BONZER 100% Velvet Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains can be somewhat difficult to find.

Sure, you’ll find plenty of brands claiming that their curtains block out all light but it’s usually closer to light dimming instead of a complete blackout effect. Part of the problem here is that there’s not a real standard for what defines blackout.

In other words, does a blackout curtain block evening light? Or midday light? Light from traffic and other sources? You get the idea.

But when I say blackout, I mean 95% of all light and these thick velvet curtains from BONZER do the job. As is often the case with blackout curtains, they also provide sound and thermal insulation which means your space will maintain its temperature and stay quiet during naptime

Made from velvet, these curtains will not only look great but will also resist kitty claws. These curtains are also machine washable so if another pet or child makes a mess of these curtains clean up is easy.

The only downside is that you’re not going to find quite as many color options compared to other curtains on this list. But if you’re focused on blackout and insulation power while staying cat proof these velvet beauties make a great option.

You can see all the color options along with the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: The heavy, triple-weaved velvet not only does a great job blocking the sun but also looks great! It might actually be softer than my cat too!

What I Wish They Had: I’d love to see more color options here! Eight choices are good but we’ve been spoiled by the curtains with 15+ colors to pick from!

Blackout Curtain Runner Up: Nicetown 100% Blackout Curtain Panels

If velvet isn’t your preferred pick or you need more color options then our alternative option for blackout curtains is worth checking out. You’ve got 21 color choices here which means you should be able to find something that matches your design.

The curtains are heavy on their own and as with many blackout curtains also feature a sewn-in liner to further block out light and insulate. There are also more than 33,000 five star reviews on Amazon backing these curtains up which is pretty incredible.

So why are they the runner up instead of the winner in the blackout category?

While I’m comfortable considering these cat proof curtains, the material used in these curtains is a little unclear. While our best blackout pick featured the tried and true velvet, these Nicetown curtains are made of a polyester blend that’s very similar to microfiber but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Will it resist cat claws? Yes, absolutely! The fabric is still tightly woven enough to block claws.

But I can’t give it my full endorsement like I can with velvet.

Still, if you’re looking for that perfect color match with blackout and cat proof powers, then these are a great option.

You can read some of those reviews, see all the color options and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: I love that there are a whopping 21 different color options to pick from! The variety in sizing helps too!

What I Wish They Had: I’d love a little more clarity on the exact type of microfiber used. As it stands, these are still cat proof curtains but I’m also looking for more info!

Best Printed Curtains: Anjee Foil Print Diamond Pattern Microfiber Curtains

Every cat proof curtain up to this point has been focused on single color designs but curtains with patterns can look great too! Not only that, but patterns can help draw the eye away from rips, scratching and stains which makes them a great choice not only for cats but for any busy household.

While there is an almost endless number of patterns to pick from, rather than trying to list all the possible variations I went with my favorite. These curtains feature a simple, repeating geometric design that’s blended with your choice of 4 colors.

They’re not over the top but they can still help break up a room with their subtle design.

They’re also considered blackout curtains with a thick black layer of fabric sewn into the backside of these curtains. That means these curtains do a little bit of everything.

More importantly, they’re made from a heavy microfiber that not only has significant blackout power but also helps prevent cat claws from sinking in.

The only downside is that this particular selection is pretty limited when it comes to sizing. But if you like what you’re seeing and are looking for other microfiber options, check out the Anjee Amazon store where you can find more sizes and many more prints to choose from including some very cool space-themed patterns.

You can also learn more about this particular option and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: These curtains do a little bit of everything, which I love. You’ve got a clean pattern, cat resistant microfiber, and blackout power all in one curtain.

What I Wish They Had: I’d love to see more sizing options here!

Best on a Budget: ECLIPSE Microfiber Insulated Single Panel Curtain

When it comes to sticking to a budget, microfiber is a great option. Not only is it effective against cat claws, but it’s also more affordable than many other fabric options.

So it should be no surprise that our best on a budget features microfiber material but unlike our best overall pick which features a triple layer of microfiber this budget pick from Eclipse offers a single layer. While that could be a deal-breaker for some, that’s part of why they’re able to offer these curtains at a budget-friendly price.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find the same variety of colors that we’ve seen in some of the more premium picks. You’ve got 8 choices but some of the louder or more unusual colors are missing.

Just to be clear, budget-friendly doesn’t mean that you have skimp on quality and you’ll find thousands of five-star reviews for these curtains across the web.

You can read more reviews, see all the colors and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About These Curtains: They’re simple and easy on the budget.

What I Wish They Had: I’d love to see more color options from this budget pick!

Closing Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about finding the best cat proof curtains and how to set your cat up for success.

While there’s not a perfect solution, by picking out the correct material you’ll be a lot closer to enjoying beautiful curtains and a more harmonious home.

What do you think? Which curtains are your favorite?