Why Does My Cat Want Me To Watch Her Eat? 3 Reasons


Your cat might simply like to have audience while she is eating!

1. Your Cat Is A     Social Eater

Although cats are domesticated nowadays, they still have some of their wild instincts.  This is why your cat might want you as a protector from predators while she is eating.

2. Your Cat Wants     Backup

Your cat always wants to know what you are doing.  She wants to make sure she is not missing anything, so, she will try to keep you close while she’s eating.

3. Your Cat Doesn’t     Want To Miss     Anything

1. If your cat needs    audience while eating,    move her food bowl to    other place in the    house – like kitchen or    your room. 2. Add a second food    bowl in a place where    it will be easier to    watch your cat eating. 3. Elevate the food bowl    to a higher-up    position.

How To Solve This?