Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pick Her Up  - 5 Reasons


1.  Your Cat Likes Your Company

If your cat relaxes in your arms and isn’t trying to escape, that meow is their way of saying “hello, how nice to see you!” and that they’re content.

2. Your Cat Is Hungry

If your cat attempts to lead you over to their bowl, there’s your answer! Doing that or sitting by their food bowl while meowing means your cat is ready for a meal.

3. Your Cat Doesn’t Like How You Picked Them Up

That meow is just their way of letting you know that you need to change your approach!

4. Your Cat Is Stressed

If your cat usually doesn’t mind being picked up but suddenly starts meowing when she is picked up, consider whether or not something has changed in the household.

5. Your Cat Doesn’t Like Being Held

That meow is their way of letting you know that they don’t want to be picked up and that they need you to put them back down.