5 Reasons Cats Roll On Their Backs When They See You!

1. They Want To Play

Fill in some Some cats are used to a different kind of interaction, and they’ll roll on their back when they see you because they expect to play with your hand.

2. They’re Greeting You

More independent cats tend to be more secure in their owners, and while they’ll show their love by rolling on their back when they see you, they won’t turn into your tail as an insecure kitty would.

3. They Want To Be Petted

I think most cat owners have seen this adorable behavior during petting hours, and since it’s so challenging to resist, we tend only to reinforce this belly reveal.

4. Your Cat Is In Heat

Since rolling on their back is mating behavior, sometimes your cat is probably not doing it for your attention but for the attention of her possible suitors.

5. They’re Stretching Their Muscles

This roll can be part of their stretching routine for some cats and a great opportunity to get a little back scratch from the textured floor.