Why Do Cats Pant In The Car Reasons And Solutions!

1. They’re Overheating

Panting is a behavior that is mainly associated with dogs and it’s something they do to keep themselves cool during hot weather or when they’re dehydrated. Similarly, cats can also use this technique to cool down.

2. They’re Nauseous

If your kitty is panting because they’re nauseous you might also notice other signs like excessive vocalization and pacing. They might start drooling or constantly licking their lips.

3. Respiratory Diseases

Panting isn’t always linked to stress or high temperatures, but instead, it can be a sign of something more serious, like a respiratory infection which can make breathing difficult.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Is Panting In The Car?

• Give them water  •Turn on the A/C  •Take a car break  • Take them to the vet

How To Reduce Cat Panting During Car Rides?

Pick the right carrier  • Carrier train your cat  • Hydration is important  • Reduce their motion sickness  • Choose the right time to travel