Why Do Cats Lick Your Toes   3 Reasons

1. It’s A Sign Of Affection

This tender behavior is frequently a sign of familiarity and relatedness, which can be shown towards other cats, pets, and humans.

2. They’re Being Playful

Cats may see your feet as their prey because they move around so much, and just as they tend to lick their prey or lick their toys, they might do the same to your toes.

3. They’re Marking You

By licking your toes, they’re basically getting their scent onto you.

Do Cats Like The Smell Of Feet?

Cats have the Jacobson’s organ, and while we might simply think our feet stink, a cat will discover a plethora of information through pheromones and other scents.

Why Does My Cat Lick And Then Bite My Feet?

A cat that’s licking and then biting your toes might be reacting this way to being over-petted.