Why Do Cats Lick Toys  - 5 Reasons For It


If you have brought a kitten into your home, teething could cause your new friend to lick and chew on their toys.

1. A Kitten’s Behavior

With time the toys carry a familiar smell that your kitty can grow attached to and seek out when they need to cheer themselves up.

2. For Comfort

They might lick the toy to reestablish their ownership over it, especially if the other cats challenge them.

3. To Claim Ownership

It’s common for cats to use grooming, whether it’s on their toys, a blanket, or their own fur, as a coping mechanism.

4. Stress Or Boredom

Cats with this disorder could be licking a range of nonedible items such as cardboard, plastic shower curtains, and all sorts of wavy chewy things, including toys!

5. Nutritional Imbalance Or Pica

You don’t need to be too concerned if they do it occasionally. Of course, we must always keep an eye on our cats.

Should You Be Worried If Your Cat Is Licking His Toys?

• Choose the right toy   • Change or improve   your cat’s diet   • Reduce stressors in   your cat’s   environment   • Tuck away your cat’s   toys

How Can I Stop My Cat’s Toy-Licking Behavior?