Why Do Cats Lick Concrete - 3 Reasons For It


1. It Could Be Feline Pica

Feline pica is a complex condition with multiple, and sometimes even unknown causes, that compel cats to eat or lick non-food items.

2. Your Cat Might Like The Texture and Temperature

Cats don’t need a major reason to occasionally lick something and they may just enjoy the texture. Or they may like the extra heat of the concrete.

3. Your Cat Might Like The Taste

Even though most of us don’t look at a slab of concrete in the sun and think, “Wow, that looks yummy!” our cats just might.

Should You Worry About Your Cat Licking Concrete?

Many licking behaviors can be attributed to our cat just being silly, licking concrete isn’t one of them. Not until you’ve done some investigating.

How To Stop Your Cat From Licking Concrete?

In most cases, concrete or cement is outside the house. That means one of the easiest ways to prevent your cat from licking concrete is to keep them indoors.