3 Reasons For Cat Huffing

What is Cat Huffing?

The huffing sound is made by your cat exhaling quickly through its nose. It might sound like your cat is trying to blow their nose or clear their throat, or it might sound like a short, forced burst of air.

1. Frustration

The most common reason that a cat huff is out of frustration. Your cat isn’t necessarily angry or upset, but there’s something that your kitty isn’t pleased with.

2. Tiredness Or Panting

Cats also huff when they are tired from exerting themselves. This might come after they are done running around outside, and they curl up in your lap, or right after you’ve finished playing with them.

3. They Want Something

Cats can easily be compared to toddlers because they want what they want on their schedule. Whether it’s a want or need, they get huffy when things don’t go their way.

When To Be Concerned About Cat Huffing

One thing to pay attention to is what your cat is doing before, during, and after huffing. This gives you some hint as to the reason and meaning behind their huffing.