5 Explanations Why Do Cats Huff


What is Cat Huffing?

The huffing sound sounds like  a cat is trying to clean her  throat, or clean her nose.   While doing this, a cat has her  mouth closed. Cats huff for several reasons.

1. Frustration

Kittens will most often huff  due frustration. So, there might be something  your cat isn’t happy about.

2. They Want Something

Unlike people, cats don’t have hands to help themselves to what they want.  They can’t reach under the couch when  their toy rolls out of the way or open the  door to let themselves outside.   Instead, they communicate their needs  by huffing.

3. Your Cat is Relaxed

Cats sometimes huff to express content and relaxation.  A huff of satisfaction might even  sound a little like a sigh.

4. Tiredness Or Panting

It is very normal for cats to  huff when they are tired and as long as their breathing  pattern returns to normal  shortly after exertion.

5. Wheezing or Respiratory  Distress

Both panting and wheezing  can sound like huffing in  cats. Still, cats pant and wheeze for different reasons, such as after excess  exercise, or due to  asthma or respiratory illness.