Why Do Cats Hate Getting Their Nails Cut?- 4 Reasons


1. It Feels Weird To Them

You probably usually pet your cat around her ears and back.  Many cats will feel confused with you only focusing on her toes!

2. Pain

Although the nails trimming shouldn’t be painful, many cats will still feel uncomfortable during this process. If your cat’s nails are too short, she might feel pain. If your cat has had her nail quick cut before, this might be a reason why is she afraid of pain.

3. You Might Be Stressed

If you feel nervous or stressed, and you are about to trim your cat’s nails, she is likely to feel your bad emotions.  This will make your cat feel stressed too.

4. You Might Be Clumsy

Cat owners should be quick-witted to cut their pets’ nails in an appropriate way. If you are a bit clumsy, your cat might be afraid of you handling her nails!

How To Solve This Problem?

 1. Use treats to calm your    cat.  2. Take it slow and avoid    your cat’s nail quick.  3. Use quality nail    trimmers.  4. If your cat is too    stressed, consider hiring    a nail trimming    professional.