Why Do Cats Hate Aluminum Foil  - 3 Main Reasons 

Why Do Cats Hate Aluminum Foil  - 3 Main Reasons 

1. Aluminium Foil Makes A Strange Noise

They’re pretty much experts in high-pitched or ultrasonic sounds, so they’re really getting the full foil experience!

2. Aluminium Foil Has Weird Texture and Movements

Every time you touch one spot- not only is there a strange ultrasonic sound, but some other spot pops up too!

3. Reflective Floors Are Confusing

Cat’s powerful sense of smell will allow them to immediately figure out the difference between water and foil- reflective or not.

Do All Cats Hate Aluminium Foil?

Far from it! Just like anything else, you’ll find cats on both sides.

Is Aluminium Foil Safe For Cats?

A 2015 study found that the noise of foil and other ultrasonic sounds can cause cat seizures. However, the condition was most often found in cats 15 years or older.