Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long And Why Cats Have Them?


Are My Cat’s Whiskers Too Long?

Cat’s whiskers are actually of perfect length, since they grow in equal proportion to the cat’s width. Bigger cats have longer whiskers to match their bigger bodies.

Why Are Cats’ Whiskers Important?

 1. Help cats navigate     tight spaces  2. Protect cats’ faces  3. Help cats monitor     prey movements

Will A Cat’s Whisker Grow Longer As A Cat Gets Fatter?

No, overweight cats will not have longer whiskers.

Should You Trim Your Cat’s Whiskers?

No, since by doing this, you would take away a big part of your cat’s sensory abilities. Removing your cat’s whiskers will make it hard for you cat to navigate around tight spaces.

Do Cat Whiskers Fall Out?

Yes, and this is completely normal. Some whiskers will fall out with time, but new ones will grow.

How Many Whiskers Do Cats Have?

Whisker amount is not the same for all cats.  Still, most cats have 12 whiskers across 4 rows on each of their cheeks.   Besides on their cheeks, cats also have whiskers on their chin, above their eyes, and on their legs.