Why Are My Cat’s Nails Splitting  - 5 Reasons 


As your cat’s nail grows beyond the blood supply, the surrounding layer starts cracking to make room for the new nail, and once the process is over, the layer is discarded.

1. Shedding The Old Nail

The pressure from the dull blade can cause the nail to split, break and bleed, and if left untreated, such tears can also lead to infection.

2. The Cat Clippers Are Blunt

Not all cats can rely on scratching posts; for example, senior cats tend to have mobility problems and become physically and mentally weaker.

3. Old Age

While this is a normal part of their cleaning technique, chronic nail-biting in cats is not, and health issues can trigger it, most commonly by ringworm, a fungal infection.

4. Chronic Nail-Biting

A broken or injured limb can make it difficult for your cat to scratch their nails on their cat tree, as well as a medical condition that kept them in an inactive state.

5. Sign of Poor Health