Why Are Cats Attracted To Me  - 3 Main Reasons


It’s quite possible that if you find cats approaching you wherever you go then they probably like the way you smell, or they find it interesting enough to let their guard down.

1. The Way You Smell

Since we’re much bigger in size, cats will be drawn to friendly behavior and a non-threatening posture.

2. Your Body Language

A likely reason why you find yourself surrounded by cats is that you also respect their boundaries, you don’t pressure them for pets, and you let them come to you first!

3. Your Personality

If you ignore a cat when you see it, then chances are that this kitty will see it as an opportunity to approach you when they’re ready.

Why Are Cats Attracted To People Who Don’t Like Them?

  • Social kitty etiquette  • Interact through fun         activities 

How To Make A Cat Like Me?