Why Are Brown Cats Rare  - Learn About Brownies!


Why are brown cats rare?

Cats with brown coats have a brown gene variant that reduces the amount of black pigment. While the brown tabby is easy enough to find, chocolate and cinnamon cats are rarer.

What Determines A Cat’s Coat Color?

Melanin, which is a type of pigment. Melanin has two structural components, eumelanin (shades of brown and black) and pheomelanin(fur, red and yellow coloring).

Can Black Cats Turn Brown…Or Reddish Brown?

Black cats don’t have a brown gene, the rusty discoloration of the fur can usually be blamed on sun exposure, visible on long-hair breeds like Maine Coons.

What Cat Breeds Come In Brown?

• Havana Brown   • York Chocolate   • Burmese Cat   • Oriental Shorthair   • Brown Tabby Cat