How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Water, And Why Is This Important?

How Often Is Necessary To Change Your Cat’s Water?

Daily change of the cat’s water would be ideal. There are 3 main reasons why you should change you cat’s water daily.

1. Wild Ancestors

Our domesticated cats still have some of their natural instincts.  Wild cats used to avoid stagnant water, and they would always look for fresh or running water.  This is why is it important cats always have fresh, clean water available.

2. Taste Is Important For Cats

Many cats are picky, so, they won’t drink the water if it hasn’t been refreshed recently enough.

3. Bacteria Can Build

Bacteria can enter your cat’s water bowl from the environment.  If you change your cat’s water daily – you shouldn’t have any bacteria problems.

How Often Should You Wash Your Cat’s Bowl?

You should also wash your cat’s bowl daily. Use a hot soapy water for this, but always make sure to completely rinse the soap out!