How Do Mom Cats Discipline Kittens?

Cat moms are correcting their kittens rather than dishing out punishments. A hiss or bop on the head is a way for cat moms to immediately say, “Hey, stop doing that you silly kitten.

Correction Vs Discipline

Simply walking away when a kitten is playing too rough or is too demanding sends a clear signal that the behavior is not appropriate.

Many Times Cat Moms Will Just Walk Away

If kittens still aren’t getting the picture, mom cats may need to take things up a notch and correct a kitten with a growl, assertive meow, or a hiss.

Mom Cats Will Use Vocal Corrections

If kittens still aren’t getting the picture mom cats will use light bites or bops on the head to correct and discipline their kittens.

Mom Cats Will Also Use Quick Physical Corrections To Discipline

One of the most important things kittens learn from their littermates is how much is too much when it comes to biting and playing.

How Do Kittens Correct Littermates?