Do Kittens Remember Their Mother  Everything You Need To Know

Do Kittens Remember Their Mother?

If kittens are reunited with their mother years later when they’re adults, both cats will simply see each other as cats.

Why Don’t Related Cats Remember Each Other?

Remembering their littermates or mothers doesn’t help the solitary feline survive, and it hasn’t been critical from an evolutionary standpoint.

How Do Cats Remember Each Other At All?

We know that cats can remember each other, but instead of using faces like humans, they recognize each other via scent.

Do Kittens Miss Their Mother?

Kittens may look for their mother in her usual spot, but that doesn’t mean they miss her in the same way a human would.

Should You Introduce Related Cats Differently?

The best approach is to simply introduce cats to each other just as you normally would- carefully and deliberately.