Can You Put Catnip In The Litter Box - Learn About It!

Can You Put Catnip In The Litter Box?

While you can add catnip to the litter box to attract cats to it, this technique can be very hit or miss.

3 Reasons Why Catnip Isn’t A Great Option

1. Not All Cats Are Attracted To Catnip

Attraction to catnip is hereditary, and not all cats carry the appropriate genes.

2.  Catnip Reactions Are Unpredictable

They’ll usually rub their entire body in it (especially their cheeks and head), vocalizing, salivating, and general excitement.

3. Catnip Could Even Cause Litter Box Problems

While it’s rare, catnip could cause some cats to urinate outside the litter box, which is the opposite of what we’re looking for!