Can You Put A Litter Box In The Bathtub  - All You Need To Know

Can You Put A Litter Box In The Bathtub?

An unused bathtub can make an excellent location for a litter box as long as your cat can easily jump in and out of the tub.

Make Sure The Bathtub Isn’t Being Used Regularly

Many cats aren’t going to hold it when the tub is in use, and instead of waiting for the bathtub to be available, they may just use another spot for their bathroom break.

Avoid Letting Litter Go Down The Drain

It’s a good idea to add something extra to the tub to catch the litter, just like you would if you put the litter box anywhere else in the house.

Help Cats Grip The Tub

Add a matt or some kind of additional surface that cats can easily grip.

Don’t Close The Shower Curtain Too Much

Being able to leave the shower curtain slightly closed also has the benefit of opening up a lot more litter box options, including an uncovered box, even if you’re dealing with a smaller space.

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