Can You Feel A Cat's Microchip, And What Are Some Ways To Do This?

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How To Recognize A Microchip In Cats?

1. Try petting your cat     with one finger in the     area of shoulder blades 2. Gently pinch up the     loose skin between     cat's shoulder using     your  thumb and index     finger 3. If you can't feel the     chip, check both sides     of  your cat's shoulders

3 Ways To Find A Cat's Chip

Maybe your cat doesn't have a microchip. Or, the microchip may have migrated. Your cat might also be too fat for you to feel the chip!

What It Means If You Cannot Feel The Chip?

It is not very likely, but microchips might move. Usually, microchips will move to the right or left side of the cat's shoulders.

Can A Microchip In Cats Move?

If you have felt something under your cat's skin, and you are unsure whether this is a microchip, you should consult a vet.

Could You Find Something Else Rather Than A Chip?

If a chip has migrated, or is a malfunctioning one, a vet can take an x-ray of a cat to find the chip.    So, if you have trouble finding the chip yourself, don't worry, since you have a professional to help you!

An X-ray