Can Declawed Cats Grow Their Claws Back  - The Truth

Can Declawed Cats Grow Their Claws Back?

Declawing is the surgical removal of a cat’s last toe bone. If done correctly it’s considered a permanent solution with no chance of the claws growing back.

Understanding The Difference Between Nail Trimming and Declaw Surgery

It’s the equivalent of removing the last knuckle on each of your hands, removing the claw, and changing the paw's overall function.

How Could A Nail Grow Back After A Declaw?

When declawing is done incorrectly, a veterinarian may accidentally leave part of the ungual crest behind and only partially remove the last toe of the bone.

How Often Do Declawed Cats ‘Regrow’ Their Nails?

Approximately 3% of declawed cats exhibit claw regrowth. Other studies suggest a regrowth rate as high as 10% in some cases.

Are There Alternatives To Declawing?

There are plenty of alternatives to declawing, ranging from protective barriers for furniture to special caps that you can use to cover up sharp claws