Can Declawed And Cats With Claws Live Together?

Declawed cats and cats with claws can successfully live together. The bigger issue is providing a proper introduction and a harmonious household.

Can Declawed And Cats With Claws Live Together?

Simply put, before introducing a new cat into your home, ensure your cats are spayed or neutered- regardless of whether they’re declawed or not.

Spay And Neuter Your Cats

The goal is to provide a slow and stress-free introduction for both cats. Cats are naturally territorial creatures and aren’t always great at sharing anything.

Start With A Proper Introduction

Nope, everything that applies to a normal feline introduction applies when cats are clawed or declawed too.

Do You Need To Introduce Clawed and Declawed Cats Differently?

Consider nail caps. They are primarily designed to manage destructive scratching of furniture but can also be used to prevent cats from scratching people or each other.

What If Cats Fight?