Can Cats Hear A Dog Whistle - Unravel The Mystery

Can Cats Hear A Dog Whistle?

Yes, cats can hear a dog whistle because, like dogs, they’re also able to hear ultrasonic sounds up to 79 kHZ, and dog whistles have a frequency between 23 to 54 kHz.

History Of The Dog Whistle

Galton invented this silent whistle to learn more about hearing ranges for humans and animals.

What Are Dog Whistles Used For?

It was used as a training tool. The idea is that you could use the dog whistle to signal to dogs without disturbing anyone around you with a traditional whistle.

Why Can Cats And Dogs Hear Ultrasonic Sounds?

Our cats and dogs most likely evolved the ability to hear these frequencies because it helped them find and capture prey!

Does A Dog Whistle Have Any Use For Cats?

The only practical use I’ve heard is to call out to outdoor cats. You could use a dog whistle to signal to