Can Cats Be Gay Or Is This Just A Myth?

Cats don’t feel the same about intercourse as we do, so pleasure is not the reason for homosexual behavior. Also, cats don’t have a concept of sexual orientation. So, homosexuality doesn’t really exist in cats.

Does Homosexuality Exist In Cats?

Some of them might show homosexual drive due to frustration.  If a male that’s ready for mating can’t find a female in heat, he might become frustrated and will be ready to mount even a male cat!

Why Do Cats Engage In Homosexual Behavior?

Your cat sharing some love with the same-sex cat isn’t necessarily a sign of homosexual behavior.  This could be a form of playing for two kittens, a way of releasing stress, or even an attempt to show dominance.

Cat’s Sexual Behavior Might Be Misinterpreted Sometimes

Homosexuality is common among animals, and many of them even solve conflicts by practicing same-gender sex.  Some of the animals that display same-sex behavior are dwarf chimpanzees, sheep, and dolphins.

What Does Science Say About Homosexuality In Animals?

Felines are not like humans; They don’t have a distinct sexual orientation.   Therefore, we cannot simply label them as straight or gay.

What’s The Final Verdict?