Best Cat Trees With Hammock Or Basket: 7 options

- Jumbo-sized platforms,     two large cubbies, and a     couple of dangling toys - 13.7″ floating basket     hammock - Excellent for bigger cats

1. Hey Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

- Features a sturdy    hammock and a large    13.8″ floating basket    roughly 35″ up the tree - There is enough room to    add an additional basket    if necessary - Also has a huge cat cave   and a fishing rod style   toys

2. FEANDREA 64.6 Inch Cat Tree

- Features a 11.8″ by 9.8″   hammock - Also has a 13.8″ basket   and a huge 21.7″ by 17.7″    platform at the top - Not the best choice for   older cats, since cats will   need to jump 2 feet to   start their climb

3. Hey-Brother Extra Big 63 Inch Cat Tree

- Budget-friendly option - Features a tube attached   to the top platform - Also has a ladder that   connect the first platform   to the floor, which makes   it a good option for older

4. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

- Features a 14.1 inch   floating sleeping area in   the center of the tree - Also has a smaller   sleeping platform at the   top  - Excellent for smaller   spaces

5. MWPO 28.7 inches Cat Tree With BIG Basket

- Features a 46.5-inch base   with a plenty of room for   multiple cats - Has two baskets on both   sides - Doesn't come with a   hammock, but has   enough room to add one

6. Amolife Heavy Duty 68 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

- Features a ramp to make   it easier for older cats to   use the tree - Has a 13.7″ basket, and   15.7″ by 9.8″ sleeping   platform

7. Hey-Bro 40.5 inches Cat Tree with Ramp