Are Male Cats More Affectionate  - Let’s Find Out

Are Male Cats More Affectionate?

If you look only at gender, there’s nothing to suggest that a male cat is more affectionate than a female.

However, this myth is likely perpetuated because of the genetic connection between a Tortie or Calico’s coat pattern, gender, and sassy attitude.

• Female heat cycles can   cause unpredictable   behaviors   • Taking care of kittens can   change behavior

Spaying And Neutering Makes A Big Difference

Nothing about female cats alone makes them less affectionate or more aggressive, but there is a connection between the Tortie color and more attitude.

Gender, Color, And Affection

You may have briefly met 10 friendly females, but if the 11th cat is unpredictable and aggressive, you’re much more likely to remember that cat over the others.

Bias Towards Bad Experiences