Analyzing How Do Mom Cats Discipline Kittens

Correction Vs Discipline

In most cases, cat moms are  correcting their kittens rather  than punishing them.   A correction happens at the  exact  moment and is a direct  response  or reaction to the unwanted  behavior.

Many Times Cat Moms Will Just Walk Away

The first method mother cats often  use is  walking away when their kitten is  playing too rough  or if it’s acting too demanding.  This is a clear signal that their  behavior is not desirable.

Other Times Mom Cats Will Use Vocal Corrections

Mother cats might also correct  their  kitten with a hiss, meow, or a  growl.  These are all distance-increasing  behaviors that kittens will instinctually understand  aren’t good.

Quick Physical Corrections

If a kitten continues to misbehave,  a mom cat might use physical  correction like a light bite to  discipline it.

How Do Kittens Correct  Littermates?

One of the most important things  kittens learn is how much is too much when it comes to biting  and playing. When a kitten bites their  littermate too hard, it will let out  a loud cry and often try to run  away effectively ending playtime.