All You Need To Know About Can Cats Walk Backwards

Can Cats Walk Backwards?

Yes, they can, but rarely choose to do so.   Cats are very visually focused and the idea of moving in a direction they can’t see goes against their basic instincts.

Why Don’t Cats Walk Backwards More?

Cats are extremely visual creatures with powerful eyesight but they need to be oriented forward in order to use their amazing vision.  Walking backwards would mean giving up one your cat’s most powerful senses!

When Do Cats Walk Backwards?

There are several situations where a cat might be very likely to walk backwards, such as:

• After surgery, when they’re coming out of anesthesia

• When there’s nowhere else to go

• When they’re a little afraid or surprised

• After limp amputation

Can Kittens Walk Backwards?

Kittens are constantly learning how to move around efficiently and that can often lead to them doing silly things including walking backwards.   It’s pretty common to see kitten walk backwards when they see something that surprises or startles them.

Should I Worry If My Cat Is Walking Backwards?

In most cases, a backwards walking cat isn’t a problem.   But, if it’s happening without any explanation then there might be an underlying illness in your cat, such as Feline Cognitive Disfunction or Vestibular Disease.