A Silly Question We're All Interested In: Can Dogs and Cats Mate?


Can Dogs And Cats Mate?

No, they can’t. They are two different species, unable to mate and produce offspring.

Different But Closely Related Species Can Mate

For example, lions and tigers, or polar and grizzly bears, are not the same animals, but, they have the same sequence of base pairs, so they can mate.  Even if they find a way to mate, cats and dogs still can’t produce their hybrid.

Why Do Dogs Hump And Mount Cats?

Dogs do all kinds of weird stuff. They can mount and hump anybody or anything, due to variety of reasons, such as excitement, boredom, stress, anxiety, etc. Also, a dog might be humping a cat to show his dominance.

How To Stop This Behavior?

If you see your dog constantly mounting your cat, you should first discover the cause of this behavior. After that, you should redirect your dog’s attention with a toy or with some other activity.

Do Cats Try To Mate With Dogs, Too?

They might! A female cat in heat could act pretty crazy, including trying to “present” herself in front of a dog. This happens due to hormones.