A guide on How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost

A guide on How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost


How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost?

The Ragdoll cat price range is around $800 to $3,500. Of course, many factors affect the price, which means that if you want a show-quality Ragdoll kitten, you’ll probably see a higher price.

How Does Ragdoll Cat Cost Vary?

Adopting a Ragdoll kitten might cost you from $400 to $1,000.

Ragdolls from reputable breeders might cost from $1200 to $2800.

Show-quality Ragdolls cost around $1500$4000, or even more because they have perfect markings.

Why Are Ragdoll Cats So Expensive?

Ragdolls are a cat breed bred for size and temperament, not for pattern and colors.   Also, they’re a relatively new cat breed, developed in 1960, which means that the gene pool is smaller.

Ragdoll Cat Initial Costs

• Litter box: around $15

• Quality cat food: around $40

• Food and water bowls: around $40

• Carrier: around $40

• Cat bed: around $15

• Shampoo: around $10

• Scratching post: around $20

• Collar and ID tag: around $20

• Toys and treats:  around $22

Ragdoll Cat Costs Per Month

• Food:  $40–$60

• Health Care:  $10–$20

• Pet Insurance:  $10–$20

• Grooming:  $25–$50

• Entertainment:  $10–$50

Ragdoll Cat Cost Per Year

• Vaccinations: $50 on average

• Vet visits: around $400 for the first year

• Deworming: around $75

• Pet insurance: around $180

• Litter and other items: around $240

• Spaying or neutering: $100