8 Resons Why A Maine Coon Won't Stop Meowing


Maine Coons need a lot of mental stimulation; if they get bored, they might meow loudly.

1. Boredom

A Maine Coon that won’t stop meowing could be hungry or thirsty, or maybe she wants a treat. It’s time to check your cat’s bowls!

2. Needs Something

Maine Coons enjoy human company – if they won’t stop meowing, they probably miss you.

3. Loneliness

Some Maine Coons tend to be a bit clingy and require to spend all of their time with their favorite people.  Constant meowing might be their attempt to get your attention.

4. Wants Attention

Sexually mature cats might meow a lot.  If you want this to stop, and if you don’t want your Maine Coon to have offspring, it’s time to sterilize it.

5. Needs To Be Spayed/Neutered

If a Maine Coon is in pain or has an undiagnosed medical condition, such as periodontal disease, it will meow a lot more than usual.

6. Health Issues

Cats experience stress or annoyance for a variety of reasons, and might show this with excessive meowing.

7. Stress

Older Maine Coons are likely to experience mental health problems. This frequently manifests as confusion and disorientation, which understandably leads to a cat acting upset and distressed, and – to meow more.

8. Aging