6 Explanations Why Do Cats Flop Down In Front Of You


If your cat flops down in front of  you when you get home or maybe  while you’re trying to do  something else around the house,  there’s a good chance your cat  is seeking attention and pets  from you!

1. Your Cat Wants To Be Pet

Cat’s are naturally territorial creatures and they’ll often rub their cheeks  on different surfaces in order to mark their territory.  Many cats will flop in front of their owners and then mark the ground with their cheeks.

2. Your Cat Is Marking Their Turf

For unspayed female cats, flopping and rolling is a normal part of the mating behavior. When cats flop and roll while in heat they may vocalize a bit more or try to keep their butts up while  rolling.

3. Is Your Cat In Heat?

Catnip contains a compound called nepetalactone and that’s primarily what your cat is reacting to by rolling around  in it or marking it with their cheeks.

4. Is Catnip Involved?

Your cat might just enjoy playing with  toys (or you) while on their back and  flopping over in front of you is a  good way to let you know that they’ve  decided it’s time to play.

5. Your Cat Wants To Play

It might also just feel good for your cat to flop and roll around on the floor! This could especially be true if  you find that your cat likes to flop i n one part of the house over another.

6. It Feels Good