6 Explanations For Why Are My  Cat’s Nails Splitting

Reason 1: Shedding The Old Nail

Nail splitting and falling happens to every cat. As your cat’s nail grows beyond the blood supply, the surrounding layer starts cracking to make room for the new nail and once the  process is over this layer is naturally discarded.

Reason 2: The Cat Clippers Are Blunt

Many owners want to clip their cat’s claws, but blunt clippers and a bad clipping technique can also result in  broken or split nails. When choosing the right clippers, remember that the sharpness of the blade is crucial.

Reason 3: Old Age

Cats use scratching posts or even furniture to trim their nails.  Unfortunately, as they get older, they become less mobile and weaker, meaning that they are less able to take care of their nails, too.

Reason 4: Chronic Nail-Biting

Chronic nail-biting in cats can be triggered by health issues, most commonly by  ringworm, a fungal infection,  which causes skin irritation and dandruff.

Reason 5: Sign of Poor Health

A broken or injured limb can make  it difficult for your cat to scratch their  nails on their cat tree, as well as a  medical condition that kept them in a  lethargic state for a certain period,  which left their nails untrimmed.

Reason 6: Nail Disorders

A cat might also have a nail disorder. The nature of a nail disease can be the result of a traumatic injury, or a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection.